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A+ Certification Information

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) has a web site that explains about the A+ certification program;
click here to visit the CompTIA web site, located at www.comptia.org ...

What's Happening in Lecture Class This Week

February 2, 2008:

I have provided some notes for you on what we discussed last week, what we will discuss this week, and what we will cover on February 16th's class.  They are in Adobe .PDF format; open these documents and save them / print them out for your use in class.

Handling BIOS problems reference sheet
Handling Operating System Failures reference sheet
Performing a Hardware Check on a PC reference sheet

We will discuss doing hardware checks on a faulty PC, and dealing with operating system failures.  We also will do some lab work, and upgrade the lab workstations by running some additional wiring for Internet connectivity. Class begins at 10AM, with lunch at Noon, and class ends at 4PM.

February 9, 2008:

On Saturday February 9, class will meet at the MarketPro Computer Show in Bowie for an all-day lab session.  We will provide a "help desk" for the computer show, as we discussed class.  Directions to the show are available at the MarketPro website, located at http://www.marketproshows.com/ ...

What's Happening in Lab Class This Week

Lab will be devoted to supporting the discussions we hold in the lecture part of the class.  

Helpful Downloads

These programs listed below will help you in a variety of ways.  If you discover new programs that you believe would help your fellow students, please let me know, and I will add them to the site.

Class Curriculum

Click here to view the ENT 286 course notes in Adobe .PDF format.


Click here to download the Adobe Acrobat reader program, version 4.0.
Windows95 Power Toys - These utilities enhance the user interface in Windows95.
RegClean - This Windows registry tool cleans up and fixes common registry problems.
Regedit.com - a web site devoted to Windows Registry issues.
MemTurbo - This utility helps you to free up memory that applications didn't free up when they closed.
Mueller Textbook Utilities - These utilities came with an earlier version of the Mueller textbook; the hypertext program will
                                           help you to complete your homework assignments.
MSD (Microsoft Diagnostics) - This utility will identify the components in your system.
Checkit 2.1 - This OLD version of Checkit will help you to learn how to use diagnostic software.
PC Probe 1.0 - An older diagnostic program like Checkit.
Selected Norton Utilities - Utilities you need to know about for the test, and for general repair tasks.
Y2K Compliance Test - This test is from the National Software Testing Labs.
PKZIP Version 2 for DOS - This utility will allow you to unzip Zipped files.
WS_FTP Limited Edition - An excellent FTP client program.
Winzip - A Windows version of the popular PKZIP utility.
GoZilla - Allows you to download files completely even if the download was interrupted.
Emergency Rescue Utility - Lets you save and restore critical system and Windows files
Eraser97 Utility for Office97 - Lets you get rid of all traces of Office97, before you try to reinstall Office97
Ghost Version 5.0 - Lets you duplicate hard disks from 1 PC to another, or from master to slave
PC Error Codes List - In HTML format.

Boot Disks - for the major operating system revisions (obtained from www.bootdisk.com)

MS-DOS 6.22 Boot Disk with IDE CD-ROM Support
Windows95 A Revision Boot Disk with IDE CD-ROM Support
Windows95 B Revision (OSR2) Boot Disk with IDE CD-ROM Support
Windows98 Original Edition Boot Disk with SCSI & IDE CD-ROM Support
Windows98 Second Edition Boot Disk with SCSI & IDE CD-ROM Support
Windows98 Second Edition Boot Disk with IDE CD-ROM Support

Windows NT 4.0 Boot Disk Set, Disk 1 of 3
Windows NT 4.0 Boot Disk Set, Disk 2 of 3
Windows NT 4.0 Boot Disk Set, Disk 3 of 3

Bootdisk Installation Instructions

1. Download the desired bootdisk file;
2. Double-click on it, which will unpack the files;
3. Boot to DOS for the best results;
4. Go to the folder where the files are located; then
5. Type Makedisk, hit Enter, and follow the on-screen directions.

Click here to go to www.bootdisk.com ...

Windows 95 Updates - These utilities update older versions of Windows95.

Kernel Update
OLE Update
WINSOCK Version 2 Update
Service Pack 1 (for ORIGINAL Windows95 ONLY - do NOT apply to OSR2 or Windows98)
USB Driver Utility
PCI Bridge Fix for Windows 95/OSR2 & Windows 98
Bus Mastering Driver
PIIX4 and UltraATA Driver Patch for Windows 95 B Version

Windows 98 Updates - these utilities update Windows 98.

Service Pack 1 for Windows 98 Original Edition
Windows 98 Shutdown Problem Patch

A+ Certification Practice Exams

Click here to download an A+ certification self-assessment test (the OLD test) ...

Email Access

If you need to e-mail me a message, click here to send the message , or write me at william.allen.lloyd@census.gov .

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