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Dr. Boyle's Chemistry I, CHM 1010 section for Summer Session 2019:

Section LE01 [Syn#49848] - EVENING Section.

Summer Session will start on Monday, June 10, 2019.

Dr. Boyle's course for Spring Semester 2019:

Chemistry, CHM 1010, Section LE01 - EVENING - [Syn# 45157].

The Final Exam for this course will be on Monday, May 13, 2019, at 6:00 pm.

Dr. Boyle's schedule - Spring Semester 2019:


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
3:00 PM

4:00 PM

Tutoring Center 4:00-5:00 pm   Tutoring Center 4:00-5:00 pm    
5:00 PM

Office Hours 5:15-5:45pm CH-310K   Office Hours 5:15-5:45pm CH-310K    
6:00 PM

CHM1010 Lec 6:00-7:15pm CH-301   CHM1010 Lec 6:00-7:15pm CH-301    
7:00 PM

CHM1010 Lab 7:30-10:20 pm   CHM1010 Rec 7:30-8:20pm    
8:00 PM

CH-312   CH-301    
9:00 PM

10:00 PM

11:00 PM


Chemistry 1010, Spring Semester, 2019 - Tentative Discussion/Laboratory Schedule


Lecture/Discussion Topics

Lab (Mondays)


1. 01/23

Introduction to Chemistry


No lab!


2. 01/28-01/30


Properties and Classification of Matter

Elements, Compounds, Mixtures

Safety and Equipment


HW: 01.01, 01.02, 01.03

3. 02/04-02/06


Symbols, formulas

Physical vs chemical changes

Conservation of matter

Chemical Nomenclature

Kinds of Matter

Separations I

Quiz 1. HW: Ch. 01 StudyPlan.
Ch. 01 Problems

4. 02/11-02/13

Chemical Reactions

Assign Project

Perf. Lab #1

Surfaces, Graphing, Volume (Rec)

Quiz 2, HW:
Ch. 02 StudyPlan.
Ch. 02 Problems

5. 02/18-02/20

No class on 02/18

The Mole Concept. Stoichiometry


Exam 1

6. 02/25-02/27


Investigation of Chemical Reactions I

HW:Ch.03 StudyPlan.
Ch. 03 Problems

7. 03/04-03/06

Atomic Structure and Periodic Trends

Ins and Outs of Energy in Systems

Moles. Molecules, Formulas (Rec)

Quiz 3, HW:
Ch. 04 StudyPlan.
Ch. 04 Problems

8. 03/11-03/13


Performance Lab #2

HW: Ch. 05 StudyPlan.
Ch. 05 Problems

** 03/18-03/24




9. 03/25-03/27

Molecular Geometry, VSEPR



Exam 2, HW:
Ch. 06 StudyPlan.
Ch. 06 Problems

10. 04/01-04/03

Gas Laws

Performance Lab #3

Its all in the Shape (Rec)

Element Project due. Quiz 4. HW:
Ch. 07 StudyPlan.
Ch. 07 Problems

11. 04/08-04/10

Properties of Liquids and Solids

Behavior of Gases

Perf. Lab #3. HW:
Ch. 08 StudyPlan.
Ch. 08 Problems

12. 04/15-04/17

Fri 04/19 is the withdrawal date

Solution Concentrations

Colligative Properties

Uncovering Properties of Liquids and Solids

Ch. 09 StudyPlan.
Ch. 09 Problems

13. 04/22-04/24

Acids and Bases

Investigating Solutions

Exam 3. HW:
Ch. 13StudyPlan.
Ch. 13 Problems

14. 04/29-05/01

Intermolecular Forces

Exploring Acids and Bases

Quiz 5, HW:
Ch. 14 StudyPlan.
Ch. 14 Problems

15. 05/06

Phase Changes

Performance Lab #4


16. 05/13, Mon.


Final Exam

6:00 pm

* * * * *

The Chemistry 1010 Syllabus.

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The Element Project guidelines.

     A report with active hyperlinks: Example #1.

     A report with active hyperlinks: Example #2.

     A report with active hyperlinks: Example #3.



     Stoichiometry/Limiting Reactant Problem.

     Stoichiometry/Limiting Reactant Problem Solution.

     The Laws of Thermodynamics.

     The energy consumption problem.

     The energy consumption problem solution.

     The radiation and cancer problem.

     The radiation and cancer problem solution.

     Rules for Writing Lewis Structures of Molecules.

     Lewis Structures Review.

Quiz & Exam Solutions:

CHM 1010 Quiz 1 solution.

CHM 1010 Quiz 2 solution.

CHM 1010 Quiz 3 solution.

CHM 1010 Quiz 4 solution.

Student log-on and payment instructions for the OWLv2 system.

Dr. Scott Sinex's Chemistry 1010 webpage.

Dr. Barbara Gage's Chemistry 1010 topics review webpage.

The Chemistry 1010 Lab Manual.

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"All human thought and communication is in terms of models, i.e., structural abstractions of reality.
A model is not physical reality, but a good model can help us understand and utilize that aspect of reality." -WAB.

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