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CIS 133 Integrated Software Applications        Ref # 6509       Class Time: M 6:00pm-9:40pm

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Instructor:     Vida Momenian   

                      CIS Department    Office:            Lanham 201


Telephone:   301-322-0754                     Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 4:00-6:00pm, L201,                     301-322-0752 (Secretary)                       Friday 5:00-6:00     AndrewsAFB



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3 credits. Prerequisite: CIS 101 and reading proficiency level on the College Placement test; OAD 158 recommended.


CIS 133 provides in-depth coverage of a software suite.  Includes review of Windows XP, the Internet, basic word processing, and spreadsheets; introduction to database software, and fundamentals of presentation software, followed by a team production of integrated documents combining elements produced by the different suite applications.





Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

*       Manage large documents with features such as sections, headers and footers, and pagination.

*       Produce documents such as newsletters and brochures that contain columns, tables, and graphics.

*       Execute a mail/merge operation in a word processor.

*       Create spreadsheets containing labels, numbers, series, and formulas, including financial and other functions.

*       Manage and analyze multiple-sheet workbooks using techniques such as creating a 3D reference and grouping worksheets.

*       Create and manipulate Excel charts.

*       Create, maintain, and query a database.

*       Create forms in Access to facilitate data entry and editing.

*       Create database reports for the dissemination and analysis of data.

*       Create PowerPoint presentations and work with different layouts and masters.

*       Enhance PowerPoint presentations through transitions, animations, clipart, timing, sound, and hidden slides.

*       Share data among and integrate components of a software suite, including linking and embedding.



Evaluation of Student Performance:


Four skill check tests will be given on the components of the suite, as well as integrating the suite packages. (60% of the course grade).


The assignments in the Homework Assignment column of the class schedule on page 3 and the Integrated Projects will be worth 40 % of the course grade. All work submitted for grading must be on a disk, accompanied by printouts of the work in a pocket folder, labeled with your name and the class name. Assignments are due a week from the day they were assignment. Late assignments will be penalized 10%, and work more than a week late will not be accepted for grading.


Instructional Materials




Nita Rutkosky Office 2003 Specialist, EMC Paradigm Publishers

You may purchase the items below at a local office store such as Office Depot or Staples:


1 – 100 MB zip disk.  Approximate cost is $15.

4 to 6 – 3 ˝- inch high-density formatted diskettes. Diskettes will be used to backup your current work and submit projects to the instructor.

2 – standard report folders with pockets.


The primary way for you to learn the software skills is by doing the assigned projects in the text.  These are hands-on exercises that guide you through the process of using the software to accomplish certain goals.  It is not possible to complete these projects in class.  A three-credit course will generally require at least six hours of time outside of class; much of this time in this course will be spent completing assignments.  You must do the projects and be in class to gain mastery of the material in the course.  Some of the projects will be done together in class.



Class Schedule






Aug. 30

Windows XP, Word Chapter 1

 Page S33 #4


Sept. 6

Labor Day – College closed



Sept. 13

Ch. 2,3,4 Editing and Formatting

S 62 #4, S101 #4,S144 #4


Sept. 20

Ch.5, 6, 7, 8  Customizing  and Tables



Sept. 27

Word Test,    Excel Ch. 1,2

S 197 #9, S 244 #4,S291 #3,4, S339 #1


Oct.  4

Ch. 3,4 Formulas & Enhancement

S 31 #3, S 67 #6


Oct. 11

Ch. 5,6 Maintaining  Worksheets

S 94 #4, S 134 #3


Oct. 18

Ch 7,8 Chart

S172, #2 S210 #3


Oct.  25

Excel Test, Access Ch. 1,2 Databases

S36 #1,S38 #3,S62 #1,S64 #2


Nov. 1

Ch. 3,4 Wizards and Querying

S126 #1, S127 #2


Nov. 8

Ch. 5,6 Forms and Reports

S 166 #1, S204 #1,2


Nov. 15

Ch. 7,8 Web Pages and Wizards

S234 #5


Nov. 22

Access Test, Power Point Ch. 1,2,3

PP S35 #1, S55 #1, S86, #1


Nov. 29

Ch 4,5,6  Animation, Visual Elements

S117 #1, S158 #1, S182 #1


Dec. 6

Ch 7, 8 Linking, Embedding and Sharing

S206 #1, S233 #1


Dec. 13

Integrating All Office Components

Final Exam at [6:00 pm]






Students requesting academic accommodations are required to contact the Disability Support Services Office (M-1042) or call (301) 322-0838 (voice) or (301) 322-0122 (TTY) to establish eligibility for services and accommodations.  Students with documented disabilities should discuss the matter privately with their instructors at the beginning of the semester and provide a copy of their Student/Faculty Accommodation Form.



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CODE OF ACADEMIC INTEGRITY (use text provided below)

The college is an institution of higher learning that holds academic integrity as its highest principle.  In the pursuit of knowledge, the college community expects that all students, faculty, and staff will share responsibility for adhering to the values of honesty and unquestionable integrity.  To support a community committed to academic achievement and scholarship, the Code of Academic Integrity advances the principle of honest representation in the work that is produced by students seeking to engage fully in the learning process.  The complete text of the recently approved Code of Academic Integrity will be sent to all enrolled students early in the spring 2004 semester and posted on the college's website.


IMPORTANT DATES  (feel free to include others)

Labor Day – College closed                          Saturday, September 4 to Monday, September 6

Last day to apply for Fall graduation                                                 Wednesday, September 15

Last day to change from "audit" to                                                       Friday, October 1

                  "credit" or "credit" to "audit"                             

Professional Development Day - No classes                                               Tuesday, October 26

Last day to withdraw from full-semester classes                                      Tuesday, November 23

Thanksgiving break – No classes                Wednesday, November 24 – Sunday, November 28

Final exam period/last week of classes              Saturday, December 11 – Friday, December 17


Withdrawal: Please do not just "drift away". If you can not complete the class for any reason, contact the instructor. However, it is your responsibility to complete the paperwork if you decide to withdraw from the course.



Other Relevant Campus Information:


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The Computer Labs are open:           Refer to CIS Info Sheet.


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CIS Info Sheet

The Computer Information and Office Systems Department issues its “CIS Info Sheet” for all students in CIS classes near the beginning of each semester. This sheet contains valuable information regarding lab locations and schedules, important dates during the semester, weather cancellation information, bookstore hours, etc. Look for this sheet to be distributed in class, and retain it along with this syllabus for future reference.