English 101

Spring 1999 Syllabus

Section 3322

Instructor: Tomicia Woodfolk

Office Hours: 5:30 p.m.-6:30, Mondays"(Other hours available. All office visits by appointment.)

Contact Numbers:

301-350-0572 (Ofc)

301-322-0549 (Fax)

Course Objective: Expository Writing, EGL 101, stresses fundamental principles of effective writing: unity, organization, development, coherence, emphasis, and diction. It also includes

research and documentation techniques. You will have extensive practice writing paragraphs and essays. The required texts for this course are Reinking:Strategiesfor Successful Writing (Prentice Hall and Rules (Diana Hacker, Third Edition). Assignments will be supplemented with additional reading and exercises.

Course and Classroom Protocol: Ali essays and other specified writing assignments must be typed, double spaced and submitted by the prescribed deadline. Incomplete assignments or those submitted at, er the deadline will not be accepted without my prior approval. You must bring texts and other instructional materials to each session. Coming to class unprepared will

definitely affect your class participation.

Because much of the class work involves activities and discussions, your active participation is very important. Frequent absences or tardiness is unfair to your classmates, impedes your development, and will ultimately impact your grade. Therefore, attendance and timeliness at each session are required. However, exemptions, though very limited, may be granted for emergencies or unavoidable circumstances. If absent or tardy, it is prudent to contact me or a member of your group outside class hours to receive missed information or material. You will be responsible for information covered at each class session.

Five essays, including a research paper is required for this course. The subject matter for these essays can be found on the attached Assignment Sheet. Sample of your writing process must

be submitted with your final drafts. Each essay will be worth 15 percent, totaling 75 percent of your course grade. Additionally, you will be assigned supplemental exercises in and outside class sessions and quizzes to enhance your writing development. Supplemental exercises and quizzes constitute 25 percent of your course grade. Al! assignment criteria must be met to receive full credit. Additional information regarding the Grading Standard for English Composition is also attached.

Behavior that prevents my instruction, prevents students from learning, and/or threatens anyone in class, will not be tolerated. Such disruptions may result in being barred from class

and/or suspended from the college. If you are barred from classor suspended from the college due to your behavior, you will not receive credit for missed assignments.

Plagiarism, clainfing someone else's work as your own, will not be tolerated and will result in severe academic penalties such as receiving no credit for the plagiarized material. Because plagiarism is such a grievous offense, harsher penalties may be warranted. Further information regarding plagiarism can be found on the attached Standards for English 101. I believe cheating is

akin to plagiarism and warrants the same penalties. For further information about the penalties for cheating, contact your student handbook.

If you have questions or concerns regarding information contained in this document or the attachments, please don't hesitate to ask me personally, or in an open forum for the benefit of the entire class.

English 101-Tentative Assignment Sheet

First Session, January 25

Course Introduction

Introduction to the Writing Process

Formation of Groups

Essay #1-Diagnostic-The Importance of Writing

Interview 3 people regarding the importance of writing in their lives. Write an essay about what you've learned. Draft due next session

Assigned Reading- Strategies, Chapter 1

Second Session, February 1

Review Assigned Reading

The Writing Process Continued:

Choosing a topic

The Effect of Audience on Your Writing, Strategies pp. 8-10

Rules p.12, Exercise 1-4

Review Editing Techniques (handout)

Review in class essay #1

Peer Editing of Essay #1

Assigned Reading-Strategies, Chapter 2

Third Session, February 8

Review Assigned Reading

Creating a good thesis statement (Worksheet)-Group Exercise

Strategies, p.462-465- Discussion Questions (1-5)

Assigned Reading-Strategies, Chapter 3 and Rules,Sections 16-18",

Revise Essay #1-Due next session

February 15

No session!

Fourth Session, February 22

Essay #1-Final Due (500 words)

Review Assigned Reading-Collaborative Writing, Strategies pp. 57 and 58

Preparation for Essay #2-Point of View (draft due next session), Strategies pp. 63 and 64

Strategies pp.66-71-Discussion Questions (1-4)

Assigned Reading-Strategies, Chapter 4 and 5

Fifth Session, March 1

Review Assigned Reading

Peer Review of Essay #2 (final due next session)

Eliminating Wordiness- "I can write that sentence in # words or less" (Groups will challenge one another to eliminate wordiness)

Assigned Reading- "Comparison and Contrast,"-Strategies pp.118-129 and Rules, Section 9

Bring to the next class session, two newspaper or magazine articles of the same subject to compare and contrast

Sixth Session, March 8

Final Essay #2 due (500 words)

Review Assigned Reading, "Sexual Harassment is a Serious Problem," Strategies pp. 555-569 and "Sexual Harassment is Overestimated," pp. 569-564

Discussion-Compare and Contrast articles

Group Exercise-Rules p. 102-Excercise 9-1 (1-10)

Essay #3 -Choose a topic bom Strategies, Suggestions for Writing pp. 140-141

Draft due next session

Assigned Reading-Strategies, Chapter 10 and Rules, Section 5, (Exercise 5-1)

Seventh Session, March 8

Review Assigned Reading, "Why Marriages Fail," Strategies pp. 516-519, and "Black Men and Public Space." Strategies pp. 519-522

Peer Editing -Essay #3 (Final due next session)

Assigned Reading-Rules, Section 6 and 7, and Strategies, Argument, pp. 156-171; A Journalist's View of Black Economics

pp. 568-573; Exercise p. 171

Eighth Session,,March 15

Essay #3 - Final due (500 words)

Review of Assigned Reading

Group Exercise, Strategies Discussion Questions, p. 179 (1-5)

Midterm Review-Write stand alone paragraphs using the writing skills studied thus far. Your paragraphs will be modeled one the pattern discussed in section 6b, Rules

Ninth Session, March 22

Review of Assigned Reading


March 29

No Session!

Tenth Session, April 5

Group Exercise-Rules 9-1, (1-10)pp.102 and 103; 12-1,(1-5); 12-2 (1-5)

Discussion-"Appropriate Language," Rules pp.146 and 147; "Say What?" (Groups will decipher meaning of worn out expressions)

Assigned Reading- Assigned Reading-Strategies, Chapter 12, Writing an Argument," pp. 171-181

Essay #4-Arguable Topic of Choice (dratt due April 19)

Eleventh Session, April 12

Review Assigned Reading

Essay #4-draft due (final due next session)

Peer Review of Essay #4

Group Exercise-Strategies, "Discussion Questions," p.179

"The Great Debate"-(Groups will debate arguable topics)

Assigned Reading-Strategies, "The Library Research Paper pp.305-334

Twelf[h Session, April 19

Library Visit-Research Techniques

Assigned Reading-Rules Sections 48-51

Essay #4 due (500 words)

Thirteenth Session, April 26

Review Assigned Reading from last two sessions

Discussion of Outlines and Proposals for Essay #5-Research Paper (Topic of choice, 5 page paper and 15 minute presentation, Draft due at fifteenth session

Strategies, "Choosing a Topic," pp. 307-312

Assigned Reading-Strategies, "Taking Notes," pp.334-341; and "Example of Outline and Paper",pp.348-62; Rules,"Construct a

Preliminary Outline," pp. 352-353

Fourteen Session, May 3

Review Assigned Reading

Group Meeting to Discuss Research Paper

Proposals and Outlines due

Assigned Reading-Rules, "MLA Documentation," and "Research Guide," Section 53

Fifteenth Session, May !0

Instructor feedback on proposals

Draft Research Paper due

Peer review of papers and presentations

Proposal and Outline revisions due at the end of class

Sixteenth Session, May 17

Research Papers and Presentation due