The aim of education is the knowledge not of fact, but of values.
Dean William R. Inge
BIO 206
Following are outlines of material that will be presented during lectures. The goal here is to help you reduce the time spent taking notes so you can pay more attention to the discussions. For this to be most efficient it will be wise to read through the notes before coming to class. Pay attention to the things I will say in class! If it is not in these notes, and I did not say it in class, then it will NOT be in the exam. Remember that the lecture notes are NOT a replacement for your textbook.

Chapter 17

Chapter 18
CVS: Heart

Chapter 19
CVS: Blood vessels

Chapter 20
Lymphatic system

Chapter 21
Immune system

Chapter 22
Respiratory system

Chapter 23
Digestive system

Chapter 25
Urinary system

Chapter 27
Reproductive system


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