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Syllabus for EDU 205 - Spring 2006

The course requirements, relevant assignments and readings are outlined in the material that follows on this page.


Required Books

Educational Assessment of Students, Fourth Edition.

by Anthony Nitko

 This text is available at the College Bookstore. You may buy books in person or have them shipped to your home.   Contact the bookstore by phone, email or in person. 

Learning Objectives

The purpose of this course: 

This course is an introduction to tests and measurement in an educational setting.  Students will acquire the knowledge and understanding needed for selecting, administering, diagnosing, evaluating and reporting results of standardized and informal techniques of measurement.  The course will review definitions, concepts, and current issues in measurement. 

By the end of the course students will be able to:

1.      Identify the purpose of evaluation and measurement

2.      Identify the purpose of validity in classroom testing situations

3.      Evaluate the uses of reliability in classroom testing situations

4.      Evaluate test usability

5.      Discuss the characteristics of standardized tests

6.      Evaluate commonly used formal and informal tests in educational settings

7.      Apply professional standards for ethical use of tests and measurement

Course Policies

This is a distance learning course. As such, participants have a great amount of flexibility in completing the course. Persons enrolled in this section must complete all course requirements as outlined in the following section.  The due dates listed below are firm; it is the responsibility of the course participant to schedule, complete and submit required course assignments on time.

Likewise, participants are responsible for scheduling and completing the course chapters, the relevant reading for the course and understanding of associated exercises and tools. Material must be completed and submitted on time.   A final grade will be issued at the end of the term on the date required by the College.


Unit timeline

All units close on the last day of the exam!




Topics covered


Date open


Unit One—Introduction to Classroom Assessment

Assignment—Learning Targets (50 points)

Discussion—Uses of Assessment (counts towards participation)

Lecture One

Related Chapters 1, 5


Course overview


Purpose of assessment

Ethics and Bias in Assessment

January 23


Lecture Two

Related Chapters 2, 6

Goals and Learning Targets

Dimensions of Learning

Subject area assessment planning

Assessment blueprint

January 26


Lecture Three

Related Chapters 3, 4



Criterion vs. Norm reference

Factors affecting validity

January 31



Chapters 1 through 6

February 9 and 10


Unit Two—Crafting Assessments

Assignment—Crafting Assessments (50 points)

Discussion—Crafting assessments for higher order thinking (counts toward participation)

Lecture Four

Related Chapters


Crafting assessments for use in the classroom

February 13


Lecture Five

Related Chapters 10,11,12

Assessing Higher Order thinking

February 20


EXAM #2 (100 Points)

Chapters 7 through 10

March 9 and 10


Unit Three—Crafting Better Students

Assignment—Item Analysis (50 Points)

Discussion—Improving student test performance (counts towards participation)

Lecture Six

Related Chapters


Preparing students for assessments:

Test wiseness; test anxiety

Improving results of assessment

March 14


Lecture Seven

Related Chapters, 15

Evaluating and grading students

March 17


EXAM #3 (100 Points)

Chapters 14 & 15

March 30 and 31


Unit Four—Standardized Tests

Assignment—Score Interpretation (50 Points)

Discussion—Standardized tests and students (counts towards participation)

Lecture Eight

Related Chapters


Standardized tests

Scholastic Aptitude, Career Inventories, Personality and other published tests.

April 3

Lecture Nine

Related Chapters, 17

Interpreting norm referenced test scores

Calculating norm referenced scores

April 10              


EXAM #4 (100 Points)

Chapters 16, 17, 19

April 25 through 28


Final Project—Blueprint and test design

Due no later than May 15


Grading           A         800-720 points

                        B         640-719 points

                        C         560-639 points

                        D         480-559 points

                        F          Less than 480 points



Percent of grade

Total points possible

Exam I



Exam II



Exam III



Exam IV



Unit Assignments (4)


200 (50 points each)

Final Project





100 (25 per unit)