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for Online Students

bulletAllow Time. Most students are not prepared for the amount of time that an on-line course takes. Remember that you are teaching the material to yourself. Therefore, each chapter must be read carefully and, at a minimum, two times. This takes time – more time than sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture. Remember, you can do the work at 2:00 a.m. in your bedroom slippers, but you still need to do the work!
bulletStick With It! Distance Education courses require perseverance, self-discipline, self-motivation, and the ability to work independently – more so than face-to-face on-campus classes.
bulletKeep Up – Be Organized. This is a course that builds as it goes. Concepts learned in one chapter are combined with concepts in subsequent chapters as programs are developed. For example , if you fall behind or don’t learn the concepts in one chapter, you will have difficulty with the next chapter.
bulletMeet Deadlines. Do not get behind. Have each week’s assignments completed as scheduled. 
bulletWork with  the software. You will learn the concepts and commands much better if you try them out, instead of just reading. Every chapter contains hands on sections that should always be completed at the computer.  Frequently these are not submitted for a grade, but you still need to do them. Likewise, not all of the end of chapter exercises in the text will be assigned, but you should do as many of them as possible. If you have questions, contact me. You need practice to acquire the skills.
bulletUse Your Printer. Print out anything that I write. My postings may be presentation notes offering additional explanations of difficult concepts, additional examples, homework assignments, and quizzes.
bullet Keep in Touch. It is very important that you keep in touch with me and with  your fellow classmates in a distance education course. They cannot help you and you cannot help them if you are not around through e-mail, at the discussion board, and at online chats I may schedule.
bulletDon’t try to "Go It Alone!". In a distance education course, you must teach yourself. And you will most likely need some help – from me and from your classmates. So Keep in Touch
bulletTalk to me if you are feeling lost!  As stated elsewhere, it's important to keep up and also to realize early if you are having trouble and need help! 
bulletDon’t Drop the Course without talking to me first.  We can discuss the situation and see if that's the best action to take.