Structure and Bonding:  Viewing Molecules in Chime

The structure of molecules can be viewed in a number of ways using Chime.  Here are three common representations for ammonia, NH3.  Is ammonia a flat molecule?

If you place the cursor on any of the 3D structures click and drag, you can rotate the molecule into any position or orientation.  Chime uses a standard set of colors for the atoms- see the Chime Guide.  

If you click on an atom, its identity is shown at the lower left on your browser where a URL would show. 

Stick                              Ball & stick                      Space-filled

The space-filled model is most like the true representation of the real molecule.  

If you right click on the molecule, a menu of items will appear.  Under display you will find the options shown above for the ammonia molecule.  Try changing the  3D display.

Here is a more complicated molecule.  View the different display modes.  What elements are in the molecule?

The molecule is glucose or blood sugar with a formula of C6H12O6.  There is a six-membered ring in the structure of glucose.  Is it flat or puckered?  If you right click and select options, you can remove the hydrogen from being displayed on the molecule (click on display hydrogens).

How do the geometries of BF3 and NF3 compare?  

BF3                                     NF3


Here is the structure of acetone, found in nail polish remover.  How does the geometry of the terminal carbon (on either end) compare to the center carbon?

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