Structure and Bonding:
Guided-Inquiry Activities for General Chemistry Using Chime

These are short guided-inquiry activities centering on one concept around the structure and bonding found in the molecules used as examples.  The molecular structures are presented in Chime, molecular structure rendering freeware.  Data are used and sometimes collected to build on the discovery process whenever possible.  Many examples from organic chemistry are introduced to provide support for concepts in general chemistry.  Chime is an excellent molecular visualization tool and easy for students to learn to use.  For more information on Chime as a molecular visualization tool click here.  Some of the activities use interactive Excel spreadsheets and STELLA models.

You will need Chime loaded in your browser to use these activities.

To learn the menu steps to using Chime- Click here to get an interactive HTML student guide.

Viewing Molecules in Chime

The Carbon-Carbon Bond

The Behavior of Amines
The Water Molecule Discovering Resonance The Duality of Amino Acids
The Acetic Acid Molecule The Arrangement of Bonds Diprotic Acids and Amino Acids
Crystalline Solids The Carbon-Nitrogen Bond Reaction Rates and Molecular Crowding
More About Solids The Flexibility of Bonds Consecutive Reactions
The Hydrogen Bond  More About Isomers Oxides of Nitrogen
Dipole Moments and Solubilities Chirality, It's not just for Tetrahedral Carbon Kinetics of Dinitrogen Pentoxide Decomposition and the Ozone Hole
When Lone Pair Electrons Lose The Hydrogen Peroxide Molecule Dueling Mechanisms - SN2 vs. SN1
   Hindered Bond Rotation   

See the Department of Physical Sciences webpage for information on using Excel and to download a run-only version of STELLA.

For the biologically-oriented student see Exploring the Molecules of Life.

For a complete look at molecular motion see The Dance of the Molecule.

Many of the structures shown in these activities are from the molecules collection available at the NSF-funded C4 Project at Cabrillo Community College.

Another great website for information, construction of molecules, and animations, especially for organic chemistry, is available at Molecules in Four Dimensions.

Animations (movies) of vibrations in solids can be found at the Department of Earth Sciences at University of Cambridge.

Scott A. Sinex   Department of Physical Sciences    Prince George's Community College       4/2003