Structure and Bonding:  More About Isomers

Compare the following pairs of compounds.  Are they isomers?  If so, describe the difference.  This activity assumes you have completed The Arrangement of Bonds activity.










From the pairs above, construct a chart to classify isomers.  Consider the following five questions:

1.    For two compounds, do the compounds have the same molecular formula?

2.    Do the compounds have the same connectivity of the atoms?

3.    Can the compounds be interconverted by rotation around single bonds?

4.    Is the isomerism at a chiral center (same connectivity but different arrangement), usually a tetrehedral carbon?

5.    Are the compounds nonsuperimposable mirror images of each other?

Use your chart to classify the pairs above.

On the molecule of ethene given below, substitute two chlorines on the molecule to make C2H2Cl2.  How many isomers are there of C2H2Cl2?  Draw all the possiblities.

If the PtCl2(NH3)2 structures in D above were tetrahedral instead of square planar, would the trans-cis isomers be possible?  Explain.

Click here to get a chart to classify isomers, how does yours compare? 

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