PSC 1020 - Introduction to Astronomy Laboratory

Course Syllabus - click here

Laboratory Activities (pdf files unless noted otherwise):

        Exploring Our Solar System            The Solar System (Excel file)

        Coordinate Systems:  Locating Yourself on a Sphere

        How Do I Find That Star   

        Exploring the Geology of Several Worlds from Space Images        Website for Images

        The Great Earth-Moon-Sun Line-Up

        Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: How Astronomers Know What You Are

        Spectroscopy in Motion                    Spectroscopy in Motion (Excel file)

        Making an Impact:  Craters in the Solar System        How small an impactor can reach the surface of a planet? (Excel File)

        A Reason for the Seasons

        Night Sky Project includes constructing the cross-staff


Scott A. Sinex             Prince George's Community College        August 2010