Energize, Engage, Empower Student Thinking and Learning
with Spreadsheet Simulations

13 April 2012
Program click here

PowerPoint presentation click here (1.2 Mb file)

Interactive Excel Spreadsheets used during the presentation:
        To die for: What are the chances? click here
        Fractions click here
        Investigating the Height of a Stack of Cookies click here     (pdf activity)
        Developing a Mathematical Model for a Burning Candle click here     (pdf activity)
        Paradise Lost: Chesapeake Bay and Sea Level Change click here     (pdf activity)
        Exploring the Family of Quadratic Equations click here

Simulation of Quadratic Equation Behavior (instructions to build) click here

Developer's Guide to Excelets (for more than 150 pre-built spreadsheets in science and mathematical modeling plus instructions) click here

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Computation and Science Teachers (CAST) Professional Development Modules (uses Excel, Vensim, and NetLogo) click here 

Scott A. Sinex             Prince George's Community College             April 2012