CHM 1030
General Chemistry II Laboratory
Professor Sinex

Course syllabus in pdf                             Culminating Chemical Analysis Task

Tips for improving your grade - click here

Computer resources such as ISEE Player for STELLA, a PointPoint Viewer, and downloadable instructions for the graphing calculator and Excel are on the Physical Sciences Department Webpage.

Further Explorations the Chemical World:  CHM 103 Laboratory Manual (free download as pdf files).

PowerPoint (2002/XP) Slides for Topics covered in class- animations may degrade in other versions:

Interactive scatter plot for measurement variation comparison in Excel- just add data!

Mathematical Modeling of Data -  Support materials
Scatter of Data (Excel) Best-fit Straight Line (Excel) Types of Error (Excel)
Scatter of Data Activity (pdf) Interpolation and Extrapolation (Excel) Types of Error Activity (pdf)

Nuts and Bolts of "Let's Make an Error" Experiment:         Activity (pdf)                Data entry form                Google spreadsheet

                                                                 Nuts and Bolt II Excelet                Dealing with Data in Excel 2010 (pdf)                Evaluation form

Discovering Intramolecular Interactions - an activity requiring Chime and Excel with animations done in Spartan '02 - So you think you know about intramolecular interactions, then try an assessment activity - Helical Structures (html file) or Energy Profiles for Internal Rotation (Excel file)

Studying Vibrations in Molecules - an activity requiring Chime and Excel with animations done in Spartan '02 and determining the IR spectra of four compounds

The Beer's Law Simulator-  an interactive Excel spreadsheet with an activity  (pdf handout)

Spectrophotometer simulation as a Java applet -

Single-point Calibration and Its Error

Thinking with Beer                                 Dilution

Beer's Law Simulator II:  Exploring Errors (pdf handout)

Chime Structures for Crystal Violet Kinetics Reaction - click here

Exploring the Kinetics of the Crystal Violet/Hydroxide Reaction (Interactive Excel Spreadsheet)

The Kinetics of Enzyme Reactions:            Java Applet                Excelet                    Activity (pdf)               Survey (Word)        Solver in 2007        Solver in 2010

Fe(SCN)++ Excel interactive spreadsheet for calculation of equilibrium constant                Data submission form - click here

Exploring Acid-Base Titration Curves         Tracking an Acid-Base Titration         (Both are Interactive Excel Spreadsheets)

Good source of information on acid-base indicators - click here

The pH Electrode:  A Neutralization Reaction Tracking Device - pdf activity      pdf key

Problem Set on Tracking Reaction Progress (pdf) - good review of electrochemical and spectrophotometric techniques studied         pdf key

Practice Exam Files (pdf) Folder( click on it)- These will give you an idea of the type of exams you will get.

Class Data Files in Excel:

Sampling Variation - pooled data

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 Equilibrium constant for FeSCN++ Pooled data for all day sections - click here

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