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 Course syllabus in pdf format

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How to Study Videos - click here

Computer resources such as ISEE Player for STELLA, a PointPoint Viewer, Chime, and downloadable instructions for the graphing calculator and Excel are on the Physical Sciences Department Webpage.

PowerPoint Introductory Slides (for best animation, 2002/XP version is needed) for Topics covered in class:

    All STELLA models needed for projects and classroom activities- click here for a self-extracting zipped file.      Download to a disk or your desktop, and then click on the file.  It will open a folder of models.  The unzipped file will fit on a regular disk!

Excel interactive spreadsheet - review of mathematical functions used in modeling data

Quadratic Equation root finder and graph - Click here (interactive Excel spreadsheet)

Bond Energy Calculator - an interactive Excel spreadsheet - Click here  

Good source of bond energies at the Wired Chemist - Click here

Elements, Mixtures, Compounds, and Reactions - slide show (very good review for "Molecules in a Box" approach)

Stella model for dissolved oxygen (a simulation to change variables)      Instructions for getting started with STELLA and how to run simulations- Click here (pdf)    If you are doing this in one of the college computer labs use Internet Explorer.

Potential Energy Diagram - an interactive Excel spreadsheet exploring activation energy, rate constants, velocity distributions, and an Arrhenius plot ( pdf review).

Arrhenius Equation - an interactive Excel spreadsheet exploring rate constants as a function of temperature for reversible reactions, the temperature dependence of the equilibrium constant, and more about the Arrhenius plot.

An Interactive Graphical Approach to Chemical Kinetics - explores order of reactions and a variety of plots

Chemical Kinetics Simulator - an interactive Excel spreadsheet exploring a variety of plots for various reaction orders with review questions of material covered in class ( pdf activity) (pdf key).

Kinetics of Multi-step Reactions - an interactive Excel spreadsheet exploring consecutive and competing reactions with an activity (pdf activity).

Chemical Equilibrium: The Kinetics of Reversible Reactions - concentration vs. time, rate vs. time, concentration ratios, and temperature effects

Developing a Problem Solving Strategy for Chemical Equilibrium Problems (ICE chart) - click here (pdfA very helpful handout!!!

Le Chatelier  Meter  (Excelet) 

Exploring a gaseous system under stress - animated PowerPoint show with handout  (review)

A series of interactive Excel spreadsheets for Acid-Base Chemistry:

The Behavior of Weak Acids                          ICE  Chart Calculation             

Chlorination of Natural Waters (real-world application of weak acid equilibrium)

Acid-Base Behavior (interactive PowerPoint review)      To enable macros in PowerPoint 2003 -  click here  PowerPoint 2007 - click here

Discovering Buffers                    Buffer Capacity             Reacting a strong acid or base with a buffer            Buffer Selection

Studying the Behavior of Weak Acids Using Distribution Diagrams (handout for monoprotic acids)

Acid-Base Equilibria: Chemical Reaction Review (pdf review handout)   (answers)

Buffers:  A Microscopic View (interactive PowerPoint review)      To enable macros in PowerPoint -  click here  PowerPoint 2007 - click here

Exploring Acid-Base Titration Curves              Tracking an Acid-Base Titration           ( Both are Interactive Excel Spreadsheets)

Acid-Base Titrations:  Another Point of View Stella model  (use Internet Explorer) 

Buffer and water pH                   Titration Curve Simulations:            Website 1                        Website 2

Acid-Base Equilibra: A Review - PowerPoint Show

Examining the Formation of a Complex Ion: Ag(NH3)2+ - distribution of species and solubility effects

Molecules in Motion - need Chime and Excel to view (handout in pdf)        For help with Chime -Chime Guide

Water molecules in motion - click here for a Shockwave animation

Vibrations in Metallic Solids (Excel) 

Matter, Motion, and Entropy:  A Review - PowerPoint Show

Predicting if a Chemical Reaction is Spontaneous (Excel)

Discovering Faraday's Law of Electrolysis (Excel)

Metals and Corrosion (Excel)  Pracitce with half-cell reactions and standard and non-standard electrode potentials


Nuclear Chemistry:            Neutron-Proton plot (Java)              Chain Reaction (Java)            Stable Isotopes Abundance (Excelet)

                                                     Segre Plot - Stable Isotopes (Excelet)                 Exploring Half-life (Excelet)        Further Exploration of Half-life

Exploring Radioactive Decay Kinetics:        Question Sheet (pdf)            Interactive Excel Spreadsheet        Survey (interactive Word form)

Natural Radioactivity Sources - Click here                 Nuclear Fallout from Reactor - Click here   (from nearest nuclear reactor)   

Dating Methods -  Click here                            Radiocarbon Dating - P/Po (Excelet)                      Radiometric Methods - D/P (Excelet)

Exploring nuclear radiation and its effects- Click here (Large PowerPoint file, 2.5 Mb)                           U-Th Decay Series (Excelet)

Structure and Bonding Activities (requires the use of Chime) -

Practice Exam Files (pdf) Folder( click on it)- These will give you an idea of the type of exams you will get.

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