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CHM 1010 - General Chemistry I

Professor Sinex

Course syllabus in pdf format

On the Road to Becoming a Successful STEM Student - click here for a pdf brochure            Tips for improving your grade - click here                   How to Study Videos - click here

Computer resources such as STELLA, a PointPoint Viewer, Chime, and downloadable instructions for the graphing calculator and Excel are on the Physical Sciences Department Webpage.

Exploring the Chemical World:  CHM 101 Laboratory and Classroom Activities Manual (free download as pdf files).

PowerPoint Slides for Topics covered in class (PowerPoint 2002 needed for animations):

        Introduction to course
     Significant Figures and Measuring Devices    (pdf worksheet)
     Separation Techniques
       Elements, Mixtures, Compounds, and Reactions - slide show (very good review)
    Periodic Table of the Elements     (pdf worksheet)
     Chemical Calculations (pdf slides) - best if color printed!
    Chemical Bonding    (pdf slides)    (pdf worksheet)
    Molecular Polarity    (pdf slides
    Hybridization of Atomic Orbitals    (pdf slides)  (pdf handout)
    When Intermolecular Forces Rule     (pdf slides)
    Solutions    (pdf slides)
    Acids and Bases    (pdf slides)
    More on Solutions    (pdf slides)

Measurement and Significant Figures:    Uncertainity in Measurement    Significant Figure Quiz

Periodic Table -  WebElements  (printable periodic table, vast amount of element data, Flash periodic table)

Designing a Separation Method:  An Example for Performance Task #1 - click here

Molecules - What is the real picture? Click here for a Chime view to use with Reaction Dynamics:  An Atomic View.

    Atomic Spectra of Elements (Java applet)                Generating Atomic Line Spectra (Excel)

Electron configuration diagram (Java applet)

Interactive Periodic Trends:      Prelab (pdf)             Excelet (Excel file)            Activity (pdf)

Reaction Dynamics: The Energetics - Click here for handout (pdf)

Bond Energy Calculator - an interactive Excel spreadsheet - Click here 

Good source of bond energies at the Wired Chemist - Click here

Investigating the Gaseous State of Matter - chick here

Discovering  the Behavior of Gases - click here ( big file- movie files load slow)

The Velocity of Gas Particles - click here (interactive Excel spreadsheet)


The World of Molecules- Interactive html activities requiring Chime

Molecular Geometry and VSEPR:  Ideal Structures - click here 
(for use after It's All in the Shape)
Mathematical Shape and Molecular Geometry - click here
(a number of movie files)
Molecular Geometry:  When Lone Pair Electrons Rule - click here Looking at Molecular Polarity -
click here 
Molecular Geometry:  Getting Bent Out of Shape Again! - click here 

Drawing 3D Molecular Structures in 2D on Paper - click here (pdf)

Shockwave Animations:        Hybridization of s & p orbitals - click here         Phase diagram - click here

Chime sitewith atomic and hybrid orbitals                        Rutherford's Experiment (Java applet)

The Solid State - requires Chime            Vibrations in Metallic Solids (Excel)

Structure and Bonding Activities (requires the use of Chime) -  

STELLA Models (to download  right click and Save target as... and on campus use Internet Explorer) - You will need the ISEE Player

Mass-Moles Gaseous Diffusion Gaseous Diffusion-2 Osmosis

Problem and solution worksheets at Dr. Gage's CHM 1010 website - click here

Practice Exam Files (pdf) Folder( click on it)- These will give you an idea of the type of exams you will get.

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