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Exploring the Molecules of Life:

A Perspective Using Chime

This project is supported by the Building Learning with Technology Grant.

Unit Design Team: Abena Asamoah, Corri Cap, and Scott Sinex

Prince George's Community College

Mike Lorete, University of Maryland at College Park

The unit of seven guided inquiry-based modules will explore molecular structure of biologically important groups of compounds using Chime, molecular structure rendering freeware.  Chime is an excellent molecular visualization tool and easy for students to learn to use.  For more information on Chime as a molecular visualization tool click here.

The goal of this unit is to introduce beginning biology students to the basics of molecular structure needed for general biology.

You will need Chime loaded in your browser to use these activities.

To learn the menu steps to using Chime- Click here to get an interactive HTML student guide.

The goals, standards, and outcomes for instructors plus the seven modules, which assume you are familiar with Chime, are listed below:

Goals, Standards, and Outcomes* Proteins
Water, An Essential Ingredient Nucleotides


Lipids - slow/big file Performance Assessment

* for instructors


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Scott A. Sinex   Department of Physical Sciences    Prince George's Community College        7/2001