Questions to ponder about the movie:

1) One of these molecules is trichloromethane and the other is tribromomethane. Which is which?

2) Which molecule is more polar?

3) Which molecule has a longer bond length between the carbon and the halogen?

4) Which molecule would be more soluble in water?

5) What is the organic chemical reaction called that was used to create these chemicals?

6) How do the bond angles compare for these molecules? Compare Br-C-Br angle to Cl-C-Cl. If you need more help click here.

7) What are the shapes of these molecules?

8) Is there any difference in their chemical reactivity?

9) What is the difference is their bond energy?



Chime structures below for your pleasure

Rotate structures so that the gray C atom is visible


distance    bond angle                                            distance    bond angle



click here for answers.

JEFF CHARUHAS            WOOTTON HIGH SCHOOL            JUNE 25 2004