Polar vs. Non-Polar


Identify each of the following compounds as polar or non-polar based on the structure as shown. 

Before you start, read about polar and non polar compounds and try the examples at the following website  click here then get and print (in gray-scale) the worksheet click here then return here to examine these structures.

1.) Water

2.) Carbon Dioxide

    3.) Carbon Monoxide

4.) Iodine Trichloride

5.) Acetaminophen

6.) Ammonia

7.) Acetic Acid 8.) Hexane 9.) Ethanol


Given that polar compounds are water-soluble and non-polar compounds tend not to be, what do you think about the water solubility of Vitamin A and Vitamin C as pictured below?

Vitamin A - retinol Vitamin C - ascorbic acid



 Virginia A. Azuree     Richard Montgomery High School     June 24, 2004