Molecular Visualization in Chemistry Workshop
22-25 June 2004

Introductory PowerPoint Slides

Teacher Developed Activities

2003 Workshop Site            eMolecules Project for students

Tools for Chemical Structures (including the freeware)

Interactive Visualization of Chemical Structures in Biology, Chemistry, and Geology

Molecular Visualization in Biology, Chemistry, and Geology Using Chime

Student Guide to the Use of Chime Creating Chime Web Pages in FrontPage

Quick Guide to RasMol Stepping through RasMol (3Mb)


ChemSketch: A Guide to Drawing Chemical Structures

Website that will convert a pdb file to an animated gif (rotates structure)
Scripting Wizards for Chime Scripting Wizards for Molecule Viewing (produce scripts)

Scott A. Sinex       Prince George's Community College     6/2004