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Molecular Structure of Chromate  

Molecular Structure of Dichromate


The molecular structures above show the two common polyatomic oxyanions of chromium (VI).

Name the molecular shape of the chromate ion ______________ . Note: You can change the axis of rotation of the image by left-clicking on the image, and remember that you can turn off the rotation by right-clicking on the image.

Look at the angle formed by the central oxygen in dichromate.  Explain why this angle is formed.

Write the formulas for chromate  ____________  and dichromate ________________.

a solution of chromate 

a solution of dichromate



  Observed:  Dichromate forms under two conditions:

      1)   High concentrations of chromate                 2)   Acidic conditions

 according to the equation

2 CrO42- (aq) + 2 H3O +(aq)            Cr2O72- (aq) + 3H2O (l)

Look at the molecular structures of the reactants, and visualize the exchange that produces the dimer dichromate and water:


                              In the dimerization process, a kind of dehydration synthesis, each hydronium ion contributes

 a  ______________, and one of the chromate ions contributes an ______________ to make a

____________ molecule and dichromate. 


   Question:  What happens when conditions are acidic, but chromate concentrations are low?


    Write the formula for bichromate, the Cr(VI) oxyanion that is formed under these conditions _____________.  

   Write the balanced equation for the formation of bichromate from low concentrations of chromate under acidic conditions:


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