Earth Science Summer Institute 2010


Schedule (pdf) - click here (with hot links to all activities)                                PGCPS 5E's Lesson Guide (Word) - click here

Google for Educators - click here           Get Google Earth - click here       

                                                            Get USGS Recent and Historic Earthquake data - click here

                                                            Get SI Global Volcanism Program data - click here

                                                            Get PSMSL Worldwide Tide Gauge data - click here

Earth - Sun - Moon Relationships

Earth-Moon-Sun Links (pdf) - click here            Gnomon including calculator and data (Excelet) - click here

Making a Paper Sundial - click here                   Printable Largo, MD sundial (pdf) - click here

NASA Astroventure - click here

Internal Earth Processes

Plate Tectonics PowerPoint - click here              Plate Tectonics Links (pdf) - click here

US Earth Hazard Map - click here                    Types of Waves - click here          Soldiers Delight seismograph - click here

Earthquakes and Maryland - click here              Updated list of Maryland earthquakes - click here

Earth Materials and Surface Processes

Earth Materials Links (pdf) - click here                              Quick Guide to Geology of Maryland (pdf) - click here       

Maryland Geology Links (pdf) - click here                           Exploring the Geology of Maryland (pdf) - click here

Watershed PowerPoint - click here                                      Water Cycle Links (pdf)-  click here

USGS Chesapeake Bay Watershed Poster - click here           Labeled Rivers in Bay image - click here

Streams and Sediments Links (pdf) - click here                    Sediment Happens! PowerPoint - click here

Sea Level Change (pdf) activity - click here                         Chesapeake Bay Links (pdf) - click here      

Sea Level Change PowerPoint - click here                             US tide gauges map from NOAA - click here

Geologic Time Links (pdf) - click here       

Interactive Excel Spreadsheets or Excelets:

        The Solar System           

        H-R Diagram (classifying stars)

        Paradise Lost: Chesapeake Bay and Sea Level Change

        Earthquake Seismogram

Color maps used in workshop:

        Plate Tectonics (pdf)  (as PowerPoint slides)

        Maryland Geologic Map

        Maryland Physiographic Provinces and Chesapeake Bay Area Low Elevations

Teacher-developed Lessons - click here                    The ESSI 2009 website - click here


Scott A. Sinex                               Prince George's Community College                                   July 2010