Basics of Geology: All About Rocks and Minerals






Most rocks are made of _____.


(Check only one answer)



   hardened soil

   rough gemstones

   compacted plant and animal remains



Size is a useful way of identifying minerals.


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In which kind of rock would you be most likely to find a fossil?


(Check only one answer)




   intrusive igneous

   extrusive igneous



Some rocks form directly from liquid rock. If they form underground, what are they called?


(Check only one answer)


   sedimentary rocks

   metamorphic rocks

   intrusive igneous rocks

   extrusive igneous rocks



Which of these body parts would be most likely to be preserved as a fossil?


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If a metamorphic rock melts, what will it become when it recrystallizes?


(Check only one answer)


   an igneous rock

   a metamorphic rock

   a clastic sedimentary rock

   an organic sedimentary rock



The development of humans has been tied closely to our understanding and use of rocks and minerals. We have seen the Stone Ages, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, and the Industrial Age. Today is known as the Silicon Age because we use _____.


(Check only one answer)


   sand in concrete

   silicone implants

   sand to make glass

   silicon in computer chips