ESSI 2009 Lessons

Week 1

Solar System - Teddi Lowery, Yasmin Bey, and Melanie Coronel.

                Daily Lesson Planner Solar System[1].docx

                Planet Lab.pdf

                Review Questions.pdf

                SOLAR SYSTEM FEATURE CHART.docx

Erosion - Keitra Barbour, Clark Baker, and Erica Davis

                lesson plan -erosion[1][1].doc

Space Science Travel Times in the Solar System - Jacqueline Wood & Nancy Stewart

                Lesson Plan - Week 1.doc

                Lesson Plan -  Week 1 Worksheets.doc

Water Cycle - Denise Bartlow, Tawanda DeShazior, Dollye Howell, Calvin Shepard and Verta Thompson



Weathering - Amy Burmeister

                Day 1 Lesson Plan on Weathering.docx

                Weathering and Erosion pre-quiz.docx

                Weathering Experiment Procedures.docx

                Foldable Rubric.docx

SPACING OUT THE SYSTEM - Jhanna Levin,  Jalpurnia Blalock,  Yashica Terry, and   Heather Von Hagel 

                SSI 2009 L1 Scale Model of Planets.doc


Week 2

Predicting Weather - Yasmin Bey; Melanie Coronel; Teddi Lowery

              Lesson Plan 2- Predicting Weather.dotx

              Symbols Skilss Activity.pdf 

Water Cycle - Keitra Barbour, Clark Baker, and Erica Davis.

              lesson plan -water cycle[1][1].doc

Weathering II - Amy Burmeister

              Day 2 Lesson Plan on Weathering.docx

              Day 2 Homework.docx

Rock Classification - Matthew LaGamma and Linda Ryland


              Warm-up Graphic organizer.docx




              SR BCR.docx


              321 EXIT TICKET[1].doc

Weathering and Erosion - Kathy Lewis and LaShore Redmond




Rocking Planet Earth - Yashica Levin, Jhanna Levin, Heather Vonhagel, Jalpurnia Blalock

            Rocking Planet Earth Inquiry Lesson (Summer Inst.2009) final.doc

            Rock and Minerals BCR.doc

            mineral identification cards.doc

            rock Characteristics charts (blank).doc


Weathering - Danielle Spisak and Ronae Smith

             Weathering Lesson Plan[1][1].doc

             Weathering Lesson plan.docx

             Physical Weathering concept map[1].doc

             Weathering Poster Checklist.docx

             Weathering Activity Worksheet[1][1].doc

Rocks - Denise Bartlow, Tawanda DeShazior, Dollye Howell, Calvin Shepard, Verta Thompson 

            Rock Lesson week 2.docx

            Student Handouts Week 2.docx

The Rock Cycle Simulation Lab Using Crayons - Jacqueline Wood & Nancy Stewart

            ESSI Lesson Plan - Week 2 - Rock Cycle.docx