Mt. Savage Today


Maryland’s route 36 is the town’s main thoroughfare.  It is a roundabout, but scenic, route between Cumberland and Frostburg.  The road narrows passing through the town.  It is common courtesy for cars going in opposite directions to stop and let the other pass through.  The town fought successfully to save its post office.  A new facility will be built on the site abandoned by the brick works.  The VFW remains active.  The singular gas station has been closed for several years, and there is one remaining grocery store.  The one restaurant and tavern sits across the street.


Community volunteers work assiduously to maintain and preserve the few remaining artifacts on the landscape.  The town’s historical society occupies a local bank that was donated late in the 1980’s with the proviso that no other competitor be allowed to use it.  The bank is rich with unarchived memorabilia and artifactural material.  The ability of the historical society to convert Mt. Savage to a tourist attraction will be dependent upon volunteer recruitment and sufficient funding.

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