Natural attributes and location of Mt. Savage

Mt. Savage is located on the Allegheny plateau of Appalachia.  The great Pittsburgh coal seam transects the panhandle of western Maryland.  Until the 1840's, Mt. Savage was a rural hamlet where Sulfur Creek converged with Jennings Run in the watershed of the Potomac Riverís North Branch.

The Jennings Valley is part of the synclinal trough between Bans Mountain on the east and Big Savage Mountain on the west.  Jennings Run is a swiftly flowing stream that converges with Wills Creek before Wills Creek cuts through the Narrows at Cumberland and joins the Potomac.

Mt. Savage is located in the Maryland panhandle where the Potomac river forms the Maryland-West Virginia border.


This topographic map shows the Cumberland, MD area.

Aerial photo of Mt. Savage today.


Water and mountains

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