The Demise of Mt. Savage


In 1950, 3138 persons lived within the Mt. Savage census district; the census reported 2097 people residing n the district in 1990.  There were 2094 residents within the town in 1950, but the town’s population dropped to just below 1000 as reported in the 1990 census.

The Episcopal Church and St. Patrick’s Catholic Church are reminders of the original Welsh and Irish settlers who first come to Mt. Savage in the early 1840’s.  St. Patrick’s closed the doors to its parochial school in 1970.  Currently, Mt. Savage’s high school is being renovated by state funds and has a kindergarten through grade 12 under its roof.

Nothing remains of the iron forge and furnaces built by the Maryland and New York Mining Company early in the 1840’s.  The site is now obscured by dense vegetation.  With the exception of a few rotted railroad ties appearing above their cinder covering, there is no visual evidence that a formidable railroad yard and locomotive manufacturing facility ever existed.

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