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SPH 101
Welcome Letter



Welcome to Speech Communication.  This class is an introduction to the study of communication.  The course will cover intrapersonal communication, interpersonal communication and public communication.  The course is aimed at helping the student in a variety of communication situations:  one-on-one, in groups, and in public speaking.

Because of the oral nature of the skills portion of the course, it is important to note that each student is required to attend class five times during the semester as indicated in the schedule of classes.  The class meetings will be:  Monday evenings from 6:30-9:30 on the following dates:  January 27th; February 24th; March 24th; April 21st; and May 12th in Queen Anne 110.  These are mandatory meetings.  If you can not attend these five meetings you should not register for this section of the course.

Other elements of this course are through distance learning.  You must complete all course requirements in their appropriate sequence and in a timely fashion.  Please check into the online classroom frequently and adhere to the due dates and other instructions posted in the announcements section.  A good tip is to check the Announcements section of Blackboard frequently - any new news will be located there.

This course runs from January 27th- May 12th.

You should begin by reading the "Greeting" page, the "Survival Tips" page, and the "Syllabus and General Course Information" page.

Course Materials

You will be able to access course materials beginning in January/
The URL for this course is:
You will need a Username and Password to "Log In."

Your first initial and your last name, all in lower case letters.
For example, if your name were Jane Lawrence, your user name would be:     jlawrence

Password:   Your Social Security number (no spaces and no hyphens)

For example, if your social security number is 123-45-6789, then your initial
password is 123456789

You can change your password after you logon. Click on "Personal Information" in the Tools frame and then click on "Change Password."

Blackboard 5.5

Our web course management system will be Blackboard 5.5. Although you cannot access the course materials site until January, you can access information about Blackboard 5.5 and take a self-guided, self-paced tour:

1. Go to:

From there, click on "Introducing Blackboard 5.5"
2. Next click on "Demo" under Infrastructure Products.
3. Then read the Demo page and click on "Click here to begin"
    Be sure that your speakers are on.
   You will able to take a self-guided, self-paced tour of Blackboard 5.5

    E-Mail Policy

    Please use the following guidelines when sending e-mail to me.

      1.  In the subject area, enter Speech 101 and clearly identify the topic of your questions/comments.  Be sure to clearly identify yourself.

       2. I will check my e-mail at least four times a week and once on the weekends.  I usually do this in the morning.

       3. Homework assignments will be returned as quickly as possible.

4.  Any assignment or activity that is emailed to me must be sent in Microsoft Word @

Here is some of the preliminary information about some of the Blackboard elements you will be using:


Scheduled, required quizzes are taken online and must be completed during the week that they are available (see colander).  They won't be available after the close date.  Quizzes are normally available for a week. Quizzes consist of 20 multiple choice questions based upon the reading assignments and material covered in class on campus.  Once the last date for a quiz has passed, no make up quizzes will be given.  Quiz grades are added cumulatively and I will drop the lowest grade.  The quizzes are timed.

Discussion Board:

You will be working in small groups to prepare for your group presentations.  I will be monitoring the group's progress.  During the Interpersonal portion of the course, I will be posting discussion questions for you to respond.


There will be various activities I will ask you to respond to me either through the email or the Discussion Board.

Have a great semester,

Susie Richardson, Professor
Prince George's Community College