Professor Susie Richardson

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Syllabus for Speech 109, Interpersonal Communication
FALL  2002

The course requirements, relevant assignments and readings are outlined in the material that follows on this page.


Susan Richardson


Queen Anne 116

Office Hours

Varies each semester-I will announce them at the first on-campus meeting.

Office Telephone


If I am not in my office, please leave a message (include time, date, and call back number) on the voice mail. I will return your call as soon as possible.




Fall Semester Dates

This course runs from August 27 to December 10th, 2002.


Adler and Towne, Looking Out, Looking In, 10th edition, Fort Worth:  Hartcourt Brace Publishers, 2001.

Course Objectives

The successful student will be able to:
1)  Identify and apply intrapersonal communication concepts, including self-awareness, communication apprehension and identity management.

2)  Identify, apply and perform supportive communication skills.

3)  Identify, apply and perform message formation skills.

4)  Identify, apply and perform influence and conflict management skills.

5)  Identify, apply and perform listening and response skills.

6)  Identify and analyze potential communication barriers.

7)  Identify and analyze barriers to multicultural understanding.

8)  Demonstrate skills for enhancing multicultural communication. 

Class Format

Because of the oral skills nature of the course, each student is required to meet on campus with me.  There are four mandatory class meetings as indicated in the schedule of classes:  August 27th, October 8th November 12th, December 10th in Queen Anne 110.


Once you have entered the Blackboard online classroom for Speech 109, please explore the various icons that allow you to read announcements, use the chat room, view the course calendar, take quizzes, see grades, view and post messages to the discussion board, use email and consult with other materials placed there by your instructor.

In the online classroom, click the Tools button to find a manual explaining the various functionalities of Blackboard.  Please look it over and consult it when you have questions about how to use the various Blackboard elements.  It will be your responsibility to quickly learn how to navigate the Blackboard classroom.

Here is some preliminary information about some of the Blackboard elements you will be using:

The course is divided into units.  Go to the Assignments Button in Blackboard (BB) to view them.  Each unit has Introductory remarks for the unit; the assignments will be indicating:  the reading, the activity to be completed, the discussion board question/s to be discussed; the quiz for that unit.

Please know you must budget your time wisely.

Your best strategy will be to plan to start the course promptly, and meet all the assignment deadlines from the beginning of the semester.  That way if you are sick or have an emergency later in the semester you will not have a problem.

Reading the text
On-line Activities for each unit of the course
Responding to the instructor's discussion questions, and responding to fellow students' comments.
Quizzes over each major unit
Written Work:  Two papers
Oral Skills Test
Activities conducted during the on-campus meetings

 Scheduled, required quizzes are taken on-line and must be completed during their respective windows of availability.  If taken after the close date, they will not be counted.  Quizzes are normally available to be taken anytime over a week as indicated in the calendar.

Quizzes consist of multiple choice questions which are based on the reading assignments and/or material covered during the on-campus sessions.  Once the last date for taking a units' quiz has passed, no make up quizzes will be given.   Quiz grades are cumulatively added throughout the semester.

Participation in discussions is required and will be graded.  Their purpose is to stimulate study and discussion of the course material in each module.  I have establish the following guidelines for participation in discussions:

Students must make at least two kinds of contributions to each discussion board topic posed by the instructor, i.e., responses to the instructor's posting and responses to the messages of some of your classmates.

Points for discussion points are assigned for both responding to discussion questions from your instructor, and responding to classmates' comments.  To earn full credit for participation , a student must make contributions prior to the closing date for the forum as indicated in the Blackboard course calendar.

     Oral Family History Interview Paper
      Final Research Project

     Four on-campus meetings (dates listed above)
     Four in-class activities on those evenings

Completed on the 5th on campus meeting on December 10th.



Total Points:     1000 points

Participation Points                                                        40 points
  Student must respond to the discussion questions
  for all units @ 2 points each (there are 11 total).  You can miss one without penalty.  
  Student must respond to two other student's comments
  for each major unit @ 2 points each (there
  are 11 total).  You can miss one without penalty.

On-line Activities                                                             50 points
  The student must complete 10 activities worth
  5 points each.  (The discussion questions from above
  will be related).

Quizzes                                                                          200 points
  There will be 10 quizzes at 20 points each.

Two Papers                                                                   
  Oral Family History Interview Paper                            200 points
  Communication Research Paper                               200 points
  **Note:  Papers must be sent to me in Microsoft
     Word as an attachment or Fax the paper to:
      (301)386-7511, or submit your paper into the           
       Blackboard electronic dropbox.

Oral Skills Test                                                                100 points
  To be conducted on campus on the night
  of Dec 10th..

Attendance                                                                  100 points
  Attendance at the four on-campus meetings.
  (25 points each)

In-class Activities                                                           108points
  Complete the four in-class activities conducted 
  during the on-campus meetings.
  (27 points each)

Student survey                                                                  2 points
The student survey must be taken before grades
are due.  Since the evaluations are private, just email me one of the questions asked as proof you took the survey. 


1000 - 900 points = A
  899 - 800 points = B
  700 - 700 points = C
  699 - 600 points = D
  599 -                  = F