Dr. Sherry Lynn Kinslow
Fall Term, 2003

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Orientation Letter Syllabus

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COURSE DESCRIPTION: A survey of the physical, intellectual, emotional, and personality development of the child.  The period of development from conception to adolescence is studied.  Prerequisite: PSY 101.
GENERAL COURSE OBJECTIVES:   After completing this course, you should: 
1) Better appreciate the complexity in the growth of every child.
2) Be sensitive to many of the issues relating to child development which are of prominence in our society.
3) Be aware of  research strategies to study children
4) Understand the major theoretical approaches to the study of the developing child. 
5) Be able to delineate major changes in the physical, mental, social, emotional, and moral growth of the child associated with the development of the newborn, infant, toddler, young child, older child, and adolescent.
6) Be a better-informed parent, teacher, and/or child caregiver.