Dr. Scott D. Johnson

Associate Professor of Engineering

The effects of radiation on electronics can be anywhere from problematic to devastating. Understanding the possible effects of radiation can be used to ameliorate any problems. Of course this will only work to a point...

Since I'm still in the early stages of writing this web page up, I suggest you look at the links below for through information.

Personal History:

I was introduced to the importance of this work and its implications for many space-based projects by the following experts in the field:

Paul Marshall
Cheryl Marshall
Robert Reed -- Vanderbilt University

Working for the DCL I was privileged to test and analyze a number of imaging devices that were irradiated with protons to simulate the effects of space radiation. In the future, I hope to offer some form of course or seminar that would detail these effects and possibly extend them. This is an exciting engineering research field that I hope to encourage students to pursue.


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