Prince George's Community College: PSC 102: Introduction to Astronomy Laboratory

Course Description:

Astronomy laboratory is designed to provide a hands-on laboratory experience to accompany lectures in astronomy (PSC-1010). After this course you should be able to: Explain daily and annual motions in the heavens; Use astronomical devices such as star charts.; Interface with planetarium software packages, analysis software packages, and astronomical internet sites; Compare and contrast astronomical digital images; Compare and contrast spectra of celestial objects; Describe the vast distances between astronomical objects.

Prerequisite: Reading Proficiency


Lab material:

Check Syllabus for updated labs, etc. -- this is just a general idea

Solar Rotation Lab PI: Marschall, Laurence A. Project CLEA (1994-2008).
Object X (through VIREO) PI: Marschall, Laurence A. Project CLEA (1994-2010).
H-R Diagrams of Star Clusters (through VIREO) PI: Marschall, Laurence A. Project CLEA (2008).
Laboratory Activities for PSC 102 (draft)
  Sinex, Scott.  Prince George's Community College.  (2010).