Labs for EGR 2030

Spring 2017

For Arduino: In GspiceUI/gschem you can get H-bridge L293 and you can simulate a Arduino using a ATmega32MLF.

Lab books follow standard laboratory rules as discussed in EGR 1010. Relook at the web site:

You may turn in the lab book after ALL the labs are finished (don't hand in one for each is a waste of paper. Just seperate the labs enough so I can figure it out).

Lab reports are to be handed in with the standard laboratory format as discussed in EGR 1010. Relook at the web site:

Below is a review of the list of headings we should have for our lab reports:

Title Page

Abstract/Overview (or both)

IntroductionThis should be at least 4 or 5 paragraphs. You are expected to improve over EGR 1010.


Procedure (just the procedures that matter not insignificant ones like “I ran my spice program in the computer”)

Results (usually a table or graphs, but it could be something else)




Note that this has a similar look to Introduction – Body – Conclusion that all your papers should have in anything you write.