Keycreator (formally CADKEY)

To buy student versions of this and other CADs go to Tech Ed Concepts (formally CADKEY)

CADKEY is available in the computer lab in Bladen, however this is a very old version of CADKEY. I have downloaded a demo of Keycreator and have confirmed that it is similar in function to CADKEY. I cannot save files or print with the demo version of Keycreator, however I was able to “print screen” than transfer the image to Paint where I saved it as a jpeg. A number of details are lost, however, this should be good enough to demonstrate that you understand how to use the CAD program. Here is an example of using Keycreator.

To follow along with the discussion looks at the first figure below. You will find an area that has the following buttons: Create, Modify, Detail, Xform, Layout, and Tools. These are the buttons I use (the first three) to do most of work below.

First I create my lines for my floor plan. I start out in the “create” mode and pick the icon with a diagonal line in it (see figure below). I choose vertical and horizontal lines to form my floor. They are infinite in nature.

I then trim those lines using the trim function (the first icon) in the modify area (see figure below).

Then I can add details like text and measurements using the detail button (see figure below).

To do the boxes and circles, I use the create button (see first figure above) and use the icons that represent those. I can change the attributes to make them different sizes or dotted lines (as for the small room between the data acquisition room and the clean room). You may need to manually enter sizes (that is you can't do a drag, look for a box to enter numbers into). Keep on eye where the instructions appear telling you what to do to place a box, etc. Press accept to accept the box, backup to backup from that function, and esc to get out of the function (see first figure above).

Most of these items work on CADKEY as well, only in more of a primitive state. Try and play with the functions and see if you can produce something.