STEM Internship Links

This page contains links to intern possibilities. Foreign students may need to apply early if security clearance concerns need to be addressed for employment. Apply early -- many places start selecting before the actual due date of the application!

While I try to update this through-out the year, my updating is not perfect. If I've failed to update a link, just follow the old links to see if you can find a newer link. E-mail me that you've found it so I can update the page. Thanks.

Career Advice

The following web site is career advice for science, but can be applied to engineers as well. Please take a look at the advice, you might learn something.


This was last updated at the beginning of 2012. Some programs for the summer of 2012 are already done with applications, others are not. Some links will lead to summer 2013 (yes, that early!!!). Also note that some links are to REUs that were not renewed last year, but MIGHT be renewed this year (we are in an era of constant budget cuts, so nothing is stable...just keep on looking!)

Intern possibilities

Various Companies' Intern possibilities (usually for more advance students - PGCC graduates or higher):

Government Intern possibilities:

Volunteer possibilities:

Scholarship possibilities: