Dr. Scott D. Johnson

Associate Professor of Engineering

Engineering Coordinator

Research Professor (through PREM)

Engineering Professor

  • Redesign, planned, instructed, managed, and graded a number of freshman and sophomore engineering courses including laboratories
  • Mentor and advise students in engineering and sciences

Detector Science and Engineering

  • Served as one of the leaders in formulating the direction of the NASA/GSFC Detector Characterization Laboratory (DCL) since its inception in 1998
  • Served as a lead in developing concepts and performing analysis for a number of space-based instruments
  • Served as a lead in directing and designing a live radiation experiment of flight-like detectors
  • Led the creation of a mini-laboratory for software development and portable experiments using data acquisition system hardware
  • Developed concepts and performed analysis to produce a new method to ameliorate the effects of radiation damage in a CCD
  • Created DCL pseudocode for communicating critical detector hardware and software information to flight designers

Space Sciences

  • Analyzed data from two far infrared surveys to extract cosmological parameters
  • Produced a study on the noise power spectra of unique gyroscope for the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Project Science Office

Earth Sciences

  • Improved production code to calculate the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) from earth satellite data
  • Produced code to restore a simulated image from a space-based earth viewing instrument for a sensitivity study on OTFs
  • Analyzed the effects of ghosting on the a multi-spectral instrument
  • Provided an analytic solution of laboratory humidity for a sensitivity study

Web Development

  • Served as technical lead and wrote articles for a number of scientific web sites at NASA which include a number of sites associated with HST.
  • Created a site that produces orbital decay plots for low earth orbit satellites given user inputted parameters. The template for this site with associated programs was used by my assistants to produce dynamic plots in several pages on the HST's Wide Field Camera 3 site.

Teaching Assistant/Research Assistant/Instructor

  • Taught developmental mathematics courses at Prince George's Community College
  • Provided consultation to the Institute for Astrophysics and Computational Science (IACS at CUA)
  • Planned and instructed non-calculus-based physics courses including preparing and grading exams (CUA)
  • Developed and implemented several computational methods to simulate a solid state transition (CUA)
  • Wrote several computer simulation projects as a research assistant (CUA)
  • Taught recitation and laboratory for Calculus-based freshman physics (CUA)
  • Led the computer laboratory including staff employment and management (Harris-Stowe State College now known as Harris-Stowe State University)
  • Created and taught computer skills to St. Louis area teachers (K-12) (Harris-Stowe State College)