NOTES ON DOWNLOAD: The present version should download fine, so if you are having problems it is more then just this site. Note however that this present version requires JAVA 1.5, found only on modern systems unless you have upgraded very recently. I have found for my system it is impossible to upgrade to JAVA 1.5 unless I upgraded the OS, this might be the case for you as well. You can however still get the older versions of Electric. When you go to the download site, instead of taking their path, use the path to the GNU site that hold Electric:
Then go to the download the latest version of Electric from

Electric is a freeware CAD program that is designed for VLSI work. You have the option to use it in the digial logic class as opposed to the software given in the book. For the general circuits class you may also use this as a substitute for any SPICE program. Remember that there is always little inconsistencies between different programs, use the manual to be sure.

To do schematic capture for either digital logic, analog circuits, or a hybrid of both you need to switch to schematic mode. Then start a new cell. Below is an uncompleted start of a digital logic circuit (how should it be completed?).

While the the schematic capture above is for digital logic, it can easily be used for an analog circuit with passive (or active) elements as well.

Next for the digital logic we will need to define some sort of "timing pattern." After we establish our ports (through export) we simulate the current cell (through tools).

I will add more to this as the semester goes on, but for now this should get you started. As always e-mail me if you have a question or comment.