NOTES ON DOWNLOAD: The present version should download fine, so if you are having problems it is more then just this site. Note however that this present version requires JAVA 1.5, found only on modern systems unless you have upgraded very recently. I have found for my system it is impossible to upgrade to JAVA 1.5 unless I upgraded the OS, this might be the case for you as well. You can however still get the older versions of Electric. When you go to the download site, instead of taking their path, use the path to the GNU site that hold Electric:
Then go to the download the latest version of Electric from

This description is for my basic introductory class. If you are in one of the circuits classes you are on the wrong Electric description.

Electric is a freeware CAD program that is designed for VLSI work. However it has features that can allow it to be used for other CAD purposes. In this example we will use if for our floor plans. To do that we will need to set it into the artwork mode (see figure below).

To make boxes just select the box, place it where you want and double click on it to change it's attributes (in this case size). You can duplicate boxes, copy and paste boxes, to repeat the boxes. Text is done by selecting text. The text attributes can be changed in edit/text. You may want to select increase text size for all.

For lines it is a little more difficult. You need to select the spline icon (below)

and then select the edit outline icon (below)

and move the points until you have the shape you want (say a line).

I will add more to this as the semester goes on, but for now this should get you started. As always e-mail me if you have a question or comment.