Prince George's Community College: EGR 1140: Computer Programming for Engineers and Scientists

Course Description:

This is a high-level introduction to computer tools and computer programming for the engineer and scientist. The goal is to develop within the student sufficient knowledge to perform analysis using common engineering and science programming languages. Topics will include algorithm analysis and solution, program structures, data structures, modular design, and overviews of the computer hardware, various computer tools available to solve real world problems, and object-oriented structure. In addition the course will include an introduction to test and control system programming. A variety of languages will be introduced such as MATLAB, Fortran, and C with primary emphasis on one of these languages. The results will be to ensure that from the primary language a student can easily master the other languages. Along with the aforementioned languages a number of engineering specific languages such as LABView, Spice, and VHDL will be introduced and practiced in laboratory.

Corequisite: MAT 1360
Credits: 2 class/2 lab hrs. (3 credits)


Required Books:
Getting Started with MATLAB: A Quick Introduction for Scientists and Engineers. 7th Edition  Pratap, Rudra.  Oxford University Press (2016).
Guide to Fortran 2008 Programming. 2nd Edition   Brainer, Walter.  Springer (2015).
LabVIEW Student Edition.   Bishop, Robert.   Prentice Hall (2015).
A number of web sites will be required reading along with handouts
Recommended books:
Writing in Engineering.1st Edition.  Irish, Robert.  Oxford University Press (2016).
Helpful books:

Links to tutorial sites for different programming languages

Links to MATLAB subjects discussed in some classes (depends on progress)

Octave/MATLAB Information

Python tutorials, etc.

Fortran tutorials, etc.

GDL/IDL documentation/tutorials

Useful Software:

Useful Links: