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Syllabus for MGT 162
Personal Finance and Investments

Fall 2001
(Course Reference Number 9122)

Instructor: Robert F. Wiedefeld
Telephone: (301) 322-0080

Texts: Personal Finance, Sixth Edition
by Jack R. Kapoor, Les R. Dlabay, and Robert J. Hughes

The Richest Man in Babylon
by George S. Clason


It is important to note that although this course is being delivered entirely online, it will none-the-less emphasize student participation and student-group exercise experiences. It is imperative that students follow course assignment instructions carefully and participate in every assignment fully in order to receive the highest grade possible. Online discussion time will be invested in creating real-life extensions of the assigned reading material, and therefore, the student will be expected to bring practical examples of the text theory to class via the discussion forum provided. An appropriate proportion of the course final grade has been assigned to the instructor's assessment of the student's quantity and quality of online participation.

This course will officially begin on Monday, August 27th, 2001, and will end on Friday, December 14th, 2001. Assignments can be found online by clicking on the Assignments icon on the left of the screen.


The following are the factors constituting the calculation of final course grades:

Class Participation* 50%
Progress Tests 25%
Written Assignment 25%

NOTE: Strong class participation will be awarded the full 50% of the course grade. The instructor will use his professional discretion in the determination of the grade penalty for less than this level of commitment on the part of a student.


During a traditional fifteen week, three credit course at Prince George's Community College, students spend approximately two and one half hours physically in class each week. Reading and written assignments and other class preparation time is invested outside of these class periods. Although students in this online course do not spend this two and one half hours per week in a classroom, they are fully expected to invest at least that same amount of time in online activities. The time it takes to complete reading and written assignments will be invested outside of this online activity.


Class reading assignments are spread evenly throughout the weeks of the semester. It is expected that each student will have completed all of the reading material by the beginning of the week showing the assignment. For example, the reading for Module One should be completed by Monday, August 27th, 2001. By adhering to this schedule the student will be fully prepared to actively participate in online discussions that occur during the week.


There will be two course written assignments. The first will consist of a comprehensive long-range personal financial plan constructed by each student based on his/her financial situation and future goals. The second will be a paper constructed around the results of an investment project which will span the entire semester. The final due date and method of submitting these projects will be presented in the Announcements section of the Course Homepage. Specifics for project construction will be discussed during the first week of class.