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Hello and Welcome To 
Online Learning

This step off into cyberspace is an exciting new adventure for many of you.  And certainly, our "virtual classroom" will differ in many ways from the face-to-face classroom to which you have become accustomed. There are no lectures here. I am no longer your "teacher."  I am here to help you organize your learning, to facilitate the process, and to provide activities that promote your understanding of the material, but I will not be "teaching" you.  You will teach yourself with my help and with the help of the other members of our learning community, also known as your cyber classmates.

Your success in this course is directly related to how much time you are willing to invest in doing the course work and establishing relationships within our learning community.  You will find your classmates to be important resources from whom you can learn and who, in turn, will rely on you to help them learn.  During the first week of class, we will be doing exercises especially designed to help you establish a network of people with whom you can interact throughout the semester.

And certainly, I expect to be a primary resource.  I am here to help you, shore you up, encourage you,  throw you a lifeline and get you back on track when needed.  I will not leave you stranded and floating in the outer reaches of space.  I check e-mail and logon to the system daily.

Let's get started....

Specific information for each online course I teach is given on the course home page.  If you are enrolled in MGT 155, click on MGT 155 from the navigation bar on the left.  If you are enrolled in MGT 157, click on MGT 157 from the navigation bar on the left.  

There are some helpful preparations you can do immediately to ensure  that your  voyage is as smooth as possible:

1.  You must be organized.   Each week you must complete the chapter assignments in the Course Document section of Blackboard.

2.  Read "Survival Tips for Online Students" to give you an idea of what is expected of an online student.

3.  The orientation letter has important information for you. 

4.  Read the Syllabus for this course.

5. Revi
ew the  Important Class Dates.

6.  After August 25,2005, you will be able to login to our Blackboard course.  

Good luck and best wishes for a successful semester,

Professor Rick Weidmann