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Fall  2006
MGT 157,Online
Small Business Management
Orientation Letter

August 2006

Dear MGT 157 Students,

Please read this letter carefully.

This course runs from August 28 to December 10, 2006
There is no required on-campus orientation
for this course. All orientation materials are on the Internet. The only required trip to campus is to purchase your  textbook.   The Campus Bookstore has the textbook for this course: 

Small Business Management
Longenecker, Moore, Petty
South-Western Publishing Co., 13th Edition

If you have any questions or  problems, please feel free to call me (301-322-0139) or send me an email at

Your first stop should be at my home page:

Course Materials:  Student Login Procedures for Blackboard 6

You will be able to access course materials beginning August 25, 2006
To logon to the Blackboard system, follow the procedures listed below.

1.  Go to Prince George's Community College's Blackboard site at:

2.  Click on the button labeled Login:      

3. Please follow the new Blackboard login procedure.


More About Blackboard 5

Our web course management system will be Blackboard 6. Although you cannot access the course materials site until August 25, 2006, there are two ways that you can learn more about the Blackboard 6 system.

I.  You take a self-guided,  self-paced tour:

A. Go to: .  From there,  click on "Introducing Blackboard 5"

B.   Next click on "Demo" under Infrastructure Products.

C.  Then read the Demo page and click on "Click here to begin"
      Be sure that your speakers are on.
      You will able to take a self-guided, self-paced tour of   Blackboard 6

DYou can access the Blackboard 6 Level One Student Manual  to find out more about how to use Blackboard 5.  Most  students find Blackboard easy to learn and easy to navigate.   But, if  you have question contact us at                                       

    E-Mail Policy

    Please use the following guidelines when sending e-mail to me.

    1.  In the subject area, enter MGT 155 and clearly identify the topic of your
         A.  MGT 157:  Question about __________
         B.   MGT 157:  Comment about _________
         C.  MGT 157:  Homework Assignment _______

     2.   I typically check every week day and sometimes on the weekends.  If I am going to be out of town with no Internet access, I will post that  information in the Announcements area.

     3.   If your question requires a lengthy explanation/response from me,  I will respond within twenty four hours.  If your e-mail  is a quick question or comment, I will respond as soon as I read it.
Please send me an e-mail from the account that you will use for this course.  Send your e-mail to I will create  an e-mail list for the class.

Have a great semester,

Professor Richard Weidmann, Business and Management
Prince George's Community College