Civic Engagement Activities - Spring 2006

CH309 - Its over.

5:58 PM, May. 17, 2006 .. To all the members of the CH309 staff:

Alam, Niel                  Chioma Ohaka    
Heama Dharam           Jessica Dupree    
Onyeka Ibeh               Uma Bharadwaj   

Effective today, we will no longer be staffing CH309 until June 5, 2006. Currently no one is scheduled to work this summer, but if you would like to and earn Civic engagement hours, please email me and I will put you on the schedule. Currently, the hours earned in the summer are scheduled to be counted towards the fall totals.

I want to thank you all for all of your support, for helping me to look good in front of the bosses, and for all of your coorporation this past Spring semester. I'm hoping we get a chance to do it all again real soon.

By the way, I always have civic engagement opportunities available, we would just have to coordinate our schedules. I hope you all have a very pleasent summer and in between Jerry Springer and WWE think of P.G.C.C!



10:35 PM, May. 4, 2006

Dion Fridie              Aldo Glean          Onyeka Ibeh                Uma Bharadwaj  
Heama Dharam      Collins Ohaka      Niel Alam                      Steve  
Ashley Suniega       Gebru Ashe        Victor Washington        Raynell Hinton   

Please, to all of our STEM Collegian club members, lets all congratulate Onyeka Ibeh, for being the first to receive Civic engagement hours for updating the Computer Lab Services, Asset Inventory Database. She was able to obtain 4 Civic engagement hours by attending 3 hrs of Asset Inventory Database training and by spending 1 hour updating the database.

Collins Ohaka was also able to log 7 hours of volunteer service by assisting me collect serial numbers for the database, by fixing labels on the computers in the language lab, and by attending two hours of Database training.

There are much more Civic engagement opportunities available. It simply takes coordinating. I know it’s a difficult time with finals, studying, etc.

Sorry guys, all of the slots have been spoken for this week, but there is much more ahead – especially during intersession.

Hang in there, its not over yet. Keep me working! Thank-you Onyeka and Collins!

Database training Part II

6:18 PM, Apr. 27, 2006 Just a soft reminder
We will have database training Part II, in L208 @ 1pm-3pm Friday. All are re-invited to attend.

Remember credit for attendance at training will be awarded after actual work is performed on the College Lab Services, Asset Inventory Database.

Any student who attended Part I and who is unable to attend Part II, is eligible for one-on-one training. Please email me if you need one-on-one training and we'll coordinate. So far I have: Heama Dharam and Uma Bharadwaj scheduled.

It not important to have attended Part I first. Part II will be condensed and will qualify you to peform actual work on the Asset Inventory database.

We/I are/is getting ready for the High Technology Center which will contain no computers when complete. Our job! They all must be set up and inventoried. Your job.

The contractor will not be putting up any computers in the days to come.  Construction is scheduled to complete in approximately 18 months.  We will try our best to keep the excitement to a maxium.  

Start by volunteering, then co-op, then part time, then full time, then vp, then...
I did. I'm full time now, next?
p.s. stay tuned - There will be a part III!

Thank-you for the Stem crew assistance

7:03 PM, Apr. 26, 2006 Thank-you. This week was/is a very blessed week for me and it’s not over yet. I’ve had so much success and hopefully there will be more to come. I want to thank you both Deb. and Dr. Barrow for having faith in my abilities and believing that I am the right man for the job. You both make me feel so very special.

Below please find a schedule of events for this week. Both past and future.
I wouldn’t have been able to all that I have done and am going to do with volunteer assistance. A lot of people are benefiting from all what the volunteers have done and are going to do. Me too!

There is more work to come stay Tuned. We will be ready to inventory the new Hi Tech building!

Monday, April 24, 2006
Database Training Class, Part I

Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Scan computer serial numbers in the Language lab, and in the open lab
Chesapeake Hall.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Verify Chesapeake Inventory (First floor)/Update database.

Thursday, April 27, 2006
Volunteering assistance - Verifying data – Mill Labs

Friday, April 28, 2006
Database Training, Part II

Database assistance Monday, April 24, 2006

9:23 PM, Apr. 24, 2006 Believe it or not, the database training went as well as could be expected.

All was going fine until the instructor had a brain freeze.

The students were very patient and understanding and didn’t give the

Instructor a hard time.


In attendance were:

NIEL Alam, Onyeka Ibeh , Ashukem Moses, and Iyke Okafor

Because of me – training went long and because of that - Database training Part II for this Friday@1-3.

All those who attended Part I are invited back and those who for whatever reason couldn’t make it are invited also.

Heama Dharam, Chukwuka Bosah, and  If  you can’t make it Friday the please email me and its possible we could schedule some one on one training.

I was able to solve the insane problems I was having. Thanks to Marj! And thank-you Lorna for the very quick response with the “Smart Board” training!



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