Civic Engagement Activities, Fall  2011


Welcome to Fall 2011 in the STEM Collegian Center!!

This semester promises to be filled with opportunities for academic, professional, and personal development. We have planned a variety of activities to both stimulate and inspire.  New events will be added as they are confirmed.

                          Early events require pre-registration.

Looking for great civic engagement (volunteer) opportunities?? Here are a few you may want to consider.

 Campus Computer Labs (including Chesapeake Hall - CH309),  Mr. Roy Palmer,
 Chesapeake Biology Labs, Ms. Chayse Davis-Campbell,
 Chesapeake Microbiology Lab, Ms. Natalya Koval,
 Chesapeake Chemistry Labs, Mr. Indravadan Shah,
 Mathematics Learning Center, Freddie Sanford,
 Remember that you are required to complete at least 1 hour of volunteer service each semester. If you complete more than 15 hours of volunteer service in an academic year you will get a certificate!


To volunteer for ON CAMPUS opportunities please contact Mr. Roy Palmer at

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