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The Syllabus below provides information about Required Books, Grades, Sequence of Topics, and Required Research Paper/Field Trip. Students who enroll in the course will have access to more specific details, e.g., an expanded description of possible projects and "Dates" for exams . . . on the College's Blackboard web site.

Required Books:

Concepts and Regions in Geography, 2nd Edition. (2005). H. J. de Blij and Peter O. Muller. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. You may view a description of the text and student course materials at the publisher's web site.

Student Study Guide: Concepts and Regions in Geography. (2005). Peter O. Muller and Elizabeth Muller-Hames. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

In previous editions a CD-ROM was "bundled with" the text. The information on the disk contained very diverse information, including multimedia and interactive content . . . specifically . . . Geographer's Tool Box, Learning Activities, and Expanded Coverage of Regions and Cities. Now all of this content and more is directly available at the publisher's website.

The Student Study Guide by Muller and Muller as companion to the Concepts and Regions in Geography text is used for a "quick" overview of each chapter's contents, a content mastery self-check section, the inclusion of supplementary material for ideas on research paper topics, and most importantly . . . the required Map Construction Activities section. Also, your map work will aid in the successful identification of place names as a component of each exam.



Your final grade will be determined by adding one Autobiographical Sketch assignment (25 points possible) to one Course Materials Activity assignment (75 points possible) to three exam scores (510 points possible), to a score for a required Research Paper (possible 50 points), to two Field Trip Journal reports (possible 50 points), and to a score for map work (200 points possible), then assigning a letter grade based upon where the total falls within the following ranges of scores:

819 - 910 = A
728 - 818 = B
637 - 727 = C
546 - 636 = D
Below 546 = F

Test format may include multiple-choice, true-false, matching, labeling diagrams, and identification. As indicated above you will be expected to locate geographically-significant places on an outline map of major realms. Finally, each exam will have at least one essay based in part on "Course Outcomes".

Sequence of Topics:

    • World Regional Geography: Global Perspectives
    • Europe
    • Russia
    • North America
    • Middle America
    • South America
    • Subsaharan Africa
    • North Africa/Southwest Asia
    • South Asia
    • East Asia
    • Southeast Asia
    • The Austral Realm
    • The Pacific Realm
    • Appendix A: Using the Maps
    • Appendix B: Opportunities in Geography

* Required Assignments:

Here are the two assignments:

Autobiographical Sketch (AS)

Compose a "sketch," minimum of 325 words, for classmates to read. (25 points possible)

Course Materials Activity (CMA)

Complete a review of all materials available for learning course content, i.e., text, materials in Blackboard, content/activities at the publisher's web site. Submit either a DOC or RTF file via Blacboard's "Assignments" area. (75 points possible)

* Specific details are provided in BLACKBOARD.