Essay Revision Policy


Each time you submit a formal essay, you will have one opportunity to revise the essay for a higher grade not to exceed one letter grade.  The only exception to this is the final essay.  Since that is due at the end of the semester, there is no revision option.


Revised essays are due one week after they are handed back.  Revisions must be accompanied by the first graded draft, and a cover letter, and they must be submitted in the original folder.


What is a revision?  Simply correcting the errors I have indicated on the paper is not a revision.  A revision is a second chance.  To earn more credit for the assignment, you must do significant work on the essay.  You must introduce new ideas and new support.  If you simply make cursory corrections, I will return the essay with the same grade it had before.


Before revising an essay, you must conference with me about what a revision would entail.  When submitting a revised essay, you must include a cover letter indicating how you think you have improved the essay.  Include the new ideas and statements of support you have used.


The purpose of the revision option is to emphasize writing as a recursive process.