PARALEGAL 151 - Introduction to Law for Paralegals  

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This is the first step into cyberspace for many of us an should prove to be an exciting adventure for all of us.  Our "virtual classroom" will differ in many ways from the live face-to-face classroom in which we are accustomed to learning.  There will be no lectures here.  There will be no teacher here.  I will be here serving as your guide, helping to facilitate the process, and providing activities that promote your better understanding of the material,  You must teach yourself with the help of your fellow students.  

Your first job will be to read the following materials, paying particular attention to

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What You Should Do First

Because you teach yourself with the help of the other students enrolled in this class, it is important that you connect with your classmates and interact with them often.  This interaction can happen by way of email  or if we decide to conduct chat rooms we can meet there.  I have conducted chat rooms in the past but only a few students took advantage of this opportunity.  We will discuss this as we get into the semester.  There is nothing to prevent several students on their own from setting up a chat room.  If you want to be able to chat with each other at a time when I am not present, let me know and I will show you how to do this.  The real key is to let other know when you will be in the chat room so they can arrange to join you there.

Your success in this course is directly related to how much time you are willing to invest in doing the course work and establishing relationships.  You will find your classmates to be important resources from whom you can learn and who, in turn, will rely on your help so they can learn

If you get lost, or find yourself falling behind you should contact me either  by email (I will check my email daily unless I am out of town, or call me at 301-322-0677.

Once you login to the introductory course you will find useful materials in several locations.  Under COURSE DOCUMENTS you will find diagrams taken from the test and you will find a complete outline of each chapter.  Feel free to print out any of these items if they will help you in your studies.  Under ASSIGNMENT you will find a Power Point outline that is a little more graphic and intended to introduce you to the weeks materials.  You will also find under ASSIGNMENT the weekly assignments and a quiz designed to help you learn the materials.    Questions from these quiz will make up a major portion of the mid-term exam and the final exam.  Going to COMMUNICATIONS  you will find where to send email, where to post assignments on the discussion board, and the Virtual Classroom to enter a chat room.

Contact Me:

After you register for your online course, your next step should be to contact me at  Click on the list of  credit courses.    Send me a brief message that states that you are enrolled in the class.  Be sure to specify the course number and title (PARA 151 INTRODUCTION TO LAW FOR PARALEGALS or PARA 160 CIVIL LITIGATION).  I will then email you specific information about the course.  

To Login To Blackboard:

The Prince George's Community College Blackboard 5 web site is located at  To login you must wait until  the semester begins;  they do not enter the class enrollment until right before the semester begins,then 
1.) go to Prince George's Community College's Blackboard site at
2.) Click on the button labeled LOGIN 
3.) You will see a dialogue box that asks you to enter your username and password.  Your username will be: (first initial of first name) (first 3 initials of last mane) (last 4 numbers of your social security number). 

Use only lowercase to enter your username; use NO spaces.  For example, if your name is John Smith and your social security number is 217-66-8903, your username will be  jsmi8903   

Your PASSWORD will be; ( the last 4 digits of your social security number)  For example, John Smith's password will be  8903.  
4.) Write down your username and password information so you can refer to it if you forget.  
5.) VERY IMPORTANT: YOU WILL HAVE ONLY ONE USERNAME AND ONE PASSWORD FOR BLACKBOARD 5 regardless of how many Blackboard courses you are taking.   Once into the course you might want to change your password so you are not using your Social Security number.  Too many times on-line students do not use a proper password and we are not able to communicate. 

If your login is successful, you will see the Blackboard Welcome screen and links to your courses will be listed in the box labeled "my Courses." 

What You Should Do First:

Well assuming that it's time to begin the semester, you can now begin your course.  Login to Blackboard and open up the course.  Read the announcement and then click on the Assignment Button.  Go to assignment one and see if you can't complete this first assignment.  Remember this assignment is only to orientate us to the program and the actual work begins next with assignment 2 Chapter one.  When you e-mail the other students make sure you e-mail me a copy so you get credit for your work. 

There is no reason education cannot be enjoyable lets all work hard to keep this semester FUN