CHM 2020, Organic Chemistry II

To: Prospective CHM 2020 Students who are taking the course online

Please read this letter carefully. This course runs from August to December, with the Final Exam in mid-December.

We have no on-campus orientation. Please read the syllabus before you decide to enroll. Enroll only if the course appears suitable for your needs.

Purchase your textbook for the course before the course begins. The Campus Bookstore should have it or you can order it online.

Organic Chemistry, Third Edition
by Janice Smith

Subscribe to the online homework system as described in the syllabus.

Please pay for your courses as soon as you enroll. Failure to do so could cost you your spot in the course, because the College will automatically drop students who do not pay promptly and replace them by students on the waiting. The best way to avoid this problem is to pay the same day you enroll.

We will be using Blackboard as a means of communicating. Directions for setting up an account and logging on to Blackboard are found at the following site. Blackboard Learning System

Have a successful and rewarding semester.

Dr. Ray A Gross Jr., Department of Physical Sciences & Engineering
Prince George's Community College