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Orientation for DVM 0030 Online will be held on
Thursday, August 21, from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. in Bladen Hall Room 207 at the Largo Campus. Before attending:
  1. purchase your textbook or online courseware. (The textbook with the online courseware can be purchased through the college bookstore: Prealgebra, 6th edition, by Sharma, King, and Mittal. The entire text is animated in the online courseware: if you choose to use only the online version, this is available at www.educosoft.com for purchase by credit card. The e-text is not needed.)
  2. obtain your student ID and password by registering for OwlLink.
  3. have daily access to a high-speed internet connection (DSL, fiber optic, or cable) for your math coursework.
Important Notice:
Homework, quizzes, tests and lab work are  all online. Communicating using mathematics requires larger data exchanges and will be impossible on slow computers or using slow internet connections. 

Homework will be due weekly and should be a daily learning activity. Computers are available in the Bladen Hall lab and in Marlboro Hall Room 2129, but working this course entirely on college computers would require many hours on campus every week. You should expect approximately 1.5 to 2 hours of homework time each day, (10 -14 hours weekly) including review activities, in order to be successful in the course. Exams will be taken on-campus in the Student Assessment Services Center, Bladen Hall Room 100.

Also, every student needs an email account. Most communication with the instructor is by email. Your EDUCO ID will be your email account. I cannot contact you about test results, progress, etc..., unless you have a valid email account. If you do not have one, go to www.yahoo.com and get one.


Online courses are not easier. Usually, they are harder than the same course taught on campus. In a typical math class, the instructor demonstrates a process. In this online course, you must read, work through guided problems online, and watch animated lectures in order to understand the process. The burden is on you to determine when you understand and to find help if you don't. Because so much reading is involved, it is very important to stay on task. It is very hard to catch up if you fall behind.


bulletRegister to use the online courseware at EDUCO Online. Follow the directions found under Getting Started at www.educosoft.com .You will probably want to open a second window containing your internet browser so that you can read the directions in one window and register in the other or you may want to print out the directions. If you register after purchasing the book, you will need the registration code provided with the book. If you do not purchase the book, you can still register online using a major credit card. If you do not have a credit card, you can register online, but registration will not be confirmed until your mailed payment is received by EDUCO. Also, during orientation, all students unable to immediately register will be able to register as guests, with 15 days to purchase the text or online courseware. It is your responsibility to have your courseware the very first day of the course. Ordering a book from other vendors and then waiting for delivery is not acceptable.
bulletBegin the class at http://pgcconline.blackboard.com. ( Note: this site is not available until August 21, 2008.)


bulletSyllabus. Click here to view.