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MAT 198 Independent Preparation for Calculus

Course outline and student contract

Summer 2007


NAME: __________   INITIAL COURSE PLACEMENT: _______

SEMESTER/YEAR: __________    COURSE GOAL: _________

A.     Description.           

MAT198 Quantitative Reasoning is a self-paced course for those who have (1) successfully completed High School algebra, geometry, and trigonometry and (2) been placed into a course in the pre-calculus sequence.                                         


B.     Placement tests, chapter tests, and course exams.   

The “initial placement course” is the course in which the student was originally placed.

The results of the placement test will determine which sections of the course must be completed in order to progress to the next course.

After studying the material for each required chapter, the student will take a chapter test. Successful completion of a chapter is defined as 80% or better on the chapter test.

Once all required chapters are completed successfully, a course exam will be given. Successful completion of a course is defined as 70% or better on the course exam.

All computerized tests will be taken in any computer lab. All written tests and exams will be taken in the Campus Assessment Center, currently located in the temporary building TS. See posted hours. Note that there are no Sunday hours.


C.     Re-Testing.            

i.         Re-testing after an unsuccessful attempt.           

A student who attempts any test or exam unsuccessfully will study the targeted material again, and retake the test or exam.

Any student who attempts a test or exam three times and still does not meet the minimum scores has the right to request a written version of the test or exam. The written version will be graded independently by two members of the math faculty, and these scores will be averaged. If the score is still not at the successful level (80% for chapter tests, 70% for course exams) then the student must take a placement test for the course prerequisite to the one that is being studied unsuccessfully, to determine areas of difficulty.


ii.       Re-testing to improve test scores.                     

A student who wishes to improve the grade on any test or exam may retake the test or exam once and the grade will be the higher of the two attempts. No student may take a test or exam more than twice if one or more of the scores is at or above success level. (80% for chapter tests, 70% for course exams)


D.     Progressing to the next course in the sequence.       

A student who successfully completes all the required material and the course exam for the initial placement course may continue into the next course in the sequence. Placement tests, chapter tests, course exams, and the criteria for successful completion of these are all as described above.


E.      Course Grades.     

i.                    The student will receive a grade in the highest course completed. The course MAT 198 is a temporary designation. A student will not receive a grade in MAT 198, and MAT 198 will not appear on the student's grade report.

The exceptions to this are: (1) if the course is audited, rather than taken for credit, an H in MAT 198 will appear, or (2) if the student withdraws from the course before the college's last day to withdraw for the semester, a W in MAT 198 will appear.

The chapter tests and course exam of the highest course completed will constitute the entire grade. The percentage earned on the chapter tests and course exams will be averaged.

ii.                  A student who does not complete all the requirements for any course will receive a grade of F (or in rare circumstances, I for incomplete) in the initial placement course. Incomplete will only be given for those who meet the college’s criteria for an incomplete grade, including but not limited to, completion of at least 70% of the course requirements. Prior approval must be requested of the instructor before an I will be considered. The student is responsible for initiating a request for an Incomplete and must satisfy all criteria.

iii.                When the student registers for MAT 198, she or he pays for a 3-credit course. If the highest course completed (or the placement course, whichever applies) is a 4-credit course, the student must pay for one more credit.  MAT 136 is a 4-credit course. Any student receiving either a passing grade or an F in either MAT 136 must pay for one more credit at the end of the semester.


F.      Attendance.           

The course instructor will be available during office hours for questions and progress conferences. These hours will be announced during the first week of classes.

It is expected that the student will spend at least 10 hours per week on individual study time. If the student’s goal is to complete more than one course content, the student will need to spend more time than the minimum to achieve individual goals.


G.     Final Cut-off Date. 

All testing must be completed by Tuesday, July 24, 2007 at 12:00 noon. Any tests or exams completed after that time will not be considered in computing the course grade.


I agree to the terms outlined above. I will address any concerns or suggestions to the course instructor as soon as an issue arises.


Student signature: ____________ Date : ____________