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MAT 198 - Independent Preparation for Calculus
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MAT 198 is an independent study course, under which students may complete one or more of the courses in the Pre-Calculus sequence:

bulletMAT 134 Trigonometry with Applications
bulletMAT 135 Pre-Calculus I: College Algebra
bulletMAT 136 Pre-Calculus II: Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry


MAT 198 Contract
MAT 134 MAT 135 MAT 136

 You will need Mrs. Beck's signature to register for MAT 198. Contact me to schedule an interview.

The Plato software is only available on the Largo campus of Prince George's Community College at this time. It is not available over the internet, and is not available at any of the extension centers such as University Towne Center (UTC).

If you wish to complete any of the above courses over the Internet, go to the PGCC distance learning page to find out how to enroll in an online version of the course.